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Simplifying Mental Health, Self Care, & Psychiatric Service Dogs for a Happier Life

Are You Ready To Simplify Anxiety & Ptsd Self Care and Start Living a Happier Life?

Are you starting your mental health & self care journey, and are confused at how to reach your mental health goals?

Living with mental illness, like anxiety, depression or PTSD, is different than someone without those challenges. On your journey, you’ll encounter challenges and With Love, Me offers strategies to achieve your mental health and self care goals.

I’ve been there too, and we strive to help you on your journey to positive mental health. I am here to give you love, acceptance, and the support you need to thrive.

With Love, Me is here to help you start living a happier life today through detailed blog posts, personal accounts, helpful guides & affordable digital products. I want to help you jump start your self care journey to improved mental health.

And for those of you, like me, who need extra help or are just curious, I talk about life with a psychiatric service dog. From finding a service dog, training & socializing your pup, to retiring your dog; With Love, Me chats about psychiatric service dog life so you can make an informed decision about adding a service dog to your self care plan.

Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Krystian!

I’m a self care coach & psychiatric service dog consultant. And, depending on who you talk to, I’m a cheerleader, self esteem booster, logic giver, and dog guru.

I will help YOU become the best version of yourself by guiding you on the path to improved mental health using all these skills.

You will learn how to change your thinking, learn to improve your self esteem from within yourself, and make changes to improve your mental health.

The result? Better relationships, improved productivity, and you will start loving being you!

Want to learn my secret?

Get the Secret to Improving Your Mental Health through Self Care

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