How to Guide for Life with Anxiety & a Psychiatric Service Dog

"With Love, Me" is dedicated to simplifying mental health and self care to help you on your own self care journey so you can bring happiness and balance back to your life.

This self care blog is breaking the stigma of anxiety, with our bare-it-all approach to anxiety. All real, all tried and true, all up front for you to learn to conquer your own anxiety.

Because you Have NOTHING to be ashamed of! 

My name is Krystian and I'll be your self care coach & anxiety coach so you can start living a full and happy life with confidence.

Your Anxiety Follows You...

Anxiety affects not just your mood, but your entire life.

From your mind, relationships, to work and play; it follows you like your reflection.

With Love, Me is going to help you turn your anxiety into a strength.

I want to help you learn how embrace the anxiety and push through..

Learn how to:

➧Get the best care from your mental health team.

➧Stop allowing anxiety to ruin your relationships.

➧How to live with your anxiety.

➧Learn to communicate your needs.

➧How to embrace your whole self.

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Self Care is More Than Just Bubble Baths

Honey!  If you are just doing beauty treatments as self care, you are missing out!

Proper self care will allow you to balance your body, mind, heart, and spirit.  You will feel centered from the inside out, not the other way around.

With Love, Me is going to teach you how to care for inner self, and not just your outer self.

➧Learn to cope & de-stress when life is hectic.

➧Get tips and ideas to ditch the guilt and take care of yourself so you can do what you love.

➧Discover Products to help you get out of that funk.

➧Learn hobbies, skills, and activities that promote positive mental health.

➧Learn how to become your authentic self and love it by building your self esteem from the ground up.

PTSD Service Dogs Help Ease PTSD

We all need a little extra help sometimes. Mine comes with 4 paws, a tongue, and a wagging tail.  Meet Koda, my psychiatric service dog.  With Love, Me shares our journey with Koda and how we navigate PTSD & Anxiety in our life.  We will share:

➧ How you can get, train, and work with a psychiatric service dog.

➧ What rights you & businesses have. -It's not what you're expecting!-

➧Great gear that lasts & makes working comfortable for your pup.

➧ And you'll get a peek into my life with a psychiatric service dog.

Join With Love, Me to see Koda and his ladies (Chloe & Mischa) and how life with a PTSD Service Dog changes you. We will give you a glimpse behind the curtain because life with a PTSD service dog is not what you expect.

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Where to Start on the Blog

Our blog features articles about anxiety, self care, and psychiatric service dogs. Explore the entire blog to create your own self care plan, or read our feature articles to jumpstart your healing process.

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Meet the Author of With Love, Me

Hi, I'm Krystian!

I'm a self care coach & psychiatric service dog consultant. And, I want to help you to become less stressed, more focused, and leading a happier life.

I will help YOU become the best version of yourself by guiding you during your stress relieving journey.

You will learn how to change your thinking, learn to improve your self esteem from within yourself, and make changes to improve your mental health.

The result? Better relationships, improved productivity, and you will start loving being you!

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