Empowering Women Through Self Care Mastery

Is Anxiety Ruining Your Life?


Imagine a life where you're free from the grip of anxiety's hold.

You're calmer, happier, and motivated.  You have a loving support system that accepts the real you.  You can live in harmony with anxiety, but it no longer causes panic attacks or has you hiding in your bed. You make time for yourself and other while also chasing after your dreams.

What's the secret to this dream life? Mastering self care!

Here at With Love, Me, we believe that every women should feel empowered in her life.

You can live a fun, full, and productive life with anxiety disorder. 

You need the right tools to thrive and I want to share them with you!

I want to help you cultivate self confidence, achieve a positive mindset, overcome habits that are keeping you stuck, and so much more. 

Get ready to transform from Anxious Lady to Confident Queen at With Love, Me!

My name is Krystian and I'll be your Mental Health Coach and help you create a life full of happiness and confidence.


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Meet Your Coach

Krystian Howe

Hello Lovelies!

I offer mental health coaching and self care planning to women suffering from anxiety disorder.

Whether you are a new patient who needs help figuring out how to work with the mental health care system or just an anxious lady who wants to learn how to cultivate calm in her life, I'm here to help you travel the path to better mental health.

And for potential and new service dog handlers for those with anxiety/PTSD disability, I offer support navigating the world with a psychiatric service dog. 

My coaching services draws from my personal experiences with Anxiety disorder and disability reaching back over 20+ years to give you the positive environment you need to heal and grow.

Let's work together to help you achieve your goals- with less anxiety to get in your way.

Anxiety Management

Is A Lifestyle, Not Just a Treatment

It's Mastering the Self Care Types and Applying Them to Anxiety Management Techniques








Learn the Basics

On the Blog

Every Master is first a beginner.  Start on the blog with these 6 articles that help you learn a little more about caring for anxiety disorder.

How to Attract Positivity in LIfe in 5 Easy Steps

Is your habits culitivating a positive mindset? Find out.

20 Healthy Mindset Habits You Need to Improve Your Anxiety

The very best habits to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

7 Types of Self Care You Need To Manage Anxiety

The 7 types of self care our program is built around.

3 Positive Thinking Exercises For Healing Anxiety

What you need to do to start healing from anxiety

10 Cons of a Psychiatric Service Dog That Cause Anxiety

Can you handle the responsibility of being a service dog handler?

25 Stress Relieving Hobbies For Anxiety Management

25 perfect self care hobbies for stress relief that will combat stress.
Get 1-1 Support


1-1 Support For Anxiety Management

When life gives you lemons, we need to make lemonade. 🍋

But sometimes those lemons overwhelm us and we need help. 

Add me to your support system and I'll be:

  • your friend
  • your cheerleader
  • and your coach who pushes you to the finish line

With Love, Me Offers 3 Tiers of Coaching Support:

  • Mental Health: for beginner's who wants to get the most out of their appointments, and wants to master anxiety disorder.
  • Self Care: for everyone who wants to learn, grow, and explore themselves while learning anxiety management techniques.
  • Service Dog: for the potential and new service dog handler who needs to learn about the Service Dog culture fast!

Whether you want one session or all of them, You'll gain confidence and grow in every session.



You'll Learn:

  • Communication and Problem Solving
  • Self Confidence and Esteem
  • Self Awareness
  • Working with Your Mental Health Team
  • Embracing Your Authentic Self
  • Unlearning Old Behaviors that Keep You Stuck
  • Putting Therapy technique into practice in your life
  • Cultivating a Positive Mindset & Growing from within
  • Everything You Need to Know About Anxiety & PTSD service dogs
  • And more!


Take advantage of our pre-release pricing by jumping into our coaching mailing list today. 

We'll be offering 15% off our full program pricing for everyone that reserves a spot with our email list before our launch! *Limited time only*

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Perfect for learning in bed, cozy under the covers, with a pup.


The perfect addition to our courses or coaching sessions.


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Whether you choose a digital copy or a paperback, this workbook will guide you as you socialize your dog.


Confident Queen

I'm a southern girl and I take care of my friends. That's why I treat my subscribers like the queens they are!

I want you to thrive!

Here is my free gift to you: The ACT Method Anxiety Management Worksheet.

Cause every girl needs a plan to embrace her inner light and conquer anxiety.

And our motivational emails may even help you get rid of those pesky life's lemons. 🍋

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