Hello Lovelies!  Are you ready to begin your self care journey and obtain better mental health?

Do you crave me time?  Are you so busy that you’re always last on your list?  Are you feeling your mental health care team isn’t hearing you? Do you want to love your life?

Good news!  I can help you go from self care beginner to Mental Health Expert!

With Love, Me is inspired by letters and conversations that I had with my teenage daughter about life and mental health. I taught her how to take charge of her mental health, and I’m here to help guide you too!

You’ll learn tips and tricks that will help you create a life you love, just by taking care of yourself!

Are you ready to start your self care journey?

Meet the Fluffs!

Meet the best mental health care team around! Curious about how service dogs are actually helping with self care and improving mental health? You can check these hard working pups out and see their daily antics.  And you can see how they work. These pups all work hard to make a difference in positive mental health. Need a mental health boost? Learn more about service dogs on the blog and on our social media!


Retired Service Dog


Service Dog flunkie


Service Dog in training

Smile at these cute fluffs on Social Media.


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Are you ready to create a life you love and become your best self?

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