Is Aromalief the New Face of Women’s Pain Relief?

Let's face it. Everyone has pain. And everyone experiences it differently. That's why I wanted to try Aromalief.

If you're like me, you suffer from a plethora (yup, I said plethora) of mental and physical ailments that keep you on prescription medications for life. Taking another pill is just not something you want to do.

So when an alternative to medication comes around, you get excited.

That's what happened to me when I found Aromalief pain cream!

While I'll predominantly be talking about the pain relief cream, I'm also applying their compression socks as part of my self care combo!

Enjoy the Aromalief review!

Aromalief Product Review With Love Me

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I received 2 free products to test for this review. The opinions in this post are 100% honest and my own. Enjoy these products!

Annabel, the amazing woman behind this brand, started Aromalief in 2018 to help her mother with her chronic pain.

She teamed up with a naturopathic chemist, and together they created clean formulas that are easy to apply and smell great for a rich and luxurious spa like experience.

The Aromalief pain cream works best on:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathy or Nerve Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle & Joint Aches

For the best experience, apply the cream to the effected area then slide on your socks, gloves, or body wrap to keep your body nice and toasty.Girl, get cozy and enjoy the experience!-

Aromalief And Cherry Blossoms On A White Fluffy Towel- With Love, Me Aromalief Product Review

The Formula Is Great for Your Skin!

The ingredients are the highest quality vegan ingredients that are clean and free from harsh chemicals.

Hmm, the Aromalief cream has no harsh chemicals? Well that means, this is perfect for sensitive skin, as I found out while using this product!

You can say goodbye to dry skin as well. It's super nourishing.

They're Safe!

Each product is FDA registered and tested to be safe.

Aromalief is Diverse.

This is a small business owned by a woman involved in the chronic illness community. And all the products are made in the United States of America.

They're reinventing pain relief.

Their formula & designs help chronic pain, from the slow release cooling crystals to the patent pending devices, Aromalief is becoming the face of pain relief for women.

Aromalief supports the community.

This small business supports CancerxRelief and to help women.

Aromalief cares about their customers. When a client lost her home to a tornado, Aromalief helped her out by sending her new products to replace the ones she had lost.

They love animals just as much as I do. None of the products are tested on animals, use vegan ingredients, and support NAVS to help end animal testing.

Aromalief Lavender Pain Relief Cream On A White Fluffy Towel Surrounded By Cherry Blossoms- Aromalief Product Review By With Love, Me

TMJ Jaw Pain

Boy did this really surprise me. I used this for my TMJ pain that causes me tension headaches & migraines.

I applied behind the ear, under the jaw to the chin, and on the joining section of the jaw in front of my ear.

I applied it 2-3 times in a 12 hour period.

I loved using it for my TMJ!

It relaxed the muscles in my face to the point where I could find and massage out the knots in my cheek and jaw. Something I have never been able to do prior.

And let me tell you, the relief I felt! Normally when I have a TMJ flare, it ends with a nasty migraine. Not only did I not get a migraine, I didn't even get a headache because all that tension was gone! That's a win in my book!!

Neck & Shoulder Pain

I store most of my PTSD tension in my neck and shoulders. And since I am a blogger, I also store my computer tension there too.

I applied the cream 2-3 times in 24 hours.

I really loved the cooling tingle and the relaxation that came over my muscles to allow me to continue working without stopping to rub my neck and shoulders every half hour.

This cream has become a staple in my self care kit.

Hand & Finger Pain

As a blogger, I am constantly using a keyboard and a mouse, and of course, I have joint problems in my fingers from years of playing the flute with really small hands. –My pinky now gets stuck in an extended position when I forget to take regular breaks.-

I applied this once before starting my work session, and once at the end of my session.

This makes my hands feel so smooth and limber again! When I get aches in my fingers, they feel dehydrated, shrunken, and all the knuckle joints rub. Not fun. But I feel this cream infuses hydration –and temporary cartilage- back into my fingers. Making my day just a little bit more enjoyable.

Pair with their Compression Gloves for even more relief!-

Lower Leg & Ankle Pain

Let's take a moment to chat about my pain here as it's not exactly normal. And my legs are a major cause of pain for me.

I get numbness, tingling, burning, stinging, and aches and pains of all types.

I am almost 6 months post leg break. I broke my leg above the ankle in both the tibula and fibula and tore all the adjoining ligaments which resulted in an extensive ORIF of the left ankle with an extensive recovery to allow for fusion and healing. I just started walking unassisted again in December 2023, just in time for Christmas.

Now, this injury causes me to have sharp nerve pulses that can literally take me to a fetal position as well as the more normal types of pain: muscle aches, tingling, scar tenderness.

I applied LIBERALLY (probably more than most people would) and really rubbed it in there right before bed, which is when my pain gets worse. And after rubbing it in, I slipped on my compression socks before settling down to attempt to sleep.

I am pleased to report that my leg didn't wake me up the entire week I tested this product!

The muscles were nice and loose, the tension in the leg vanished, and while the nerve pain was still there it was GREATLY improved to the point I was able to stay still and fall asleep. All in all, I really loved this for my still healing leg.

Img 5265
Koda was so gentle with my leg. He would gently lay his head on the knee above the pain area to help me with deep pressure therapy. This break took 4 months to walk without support again. And the nerves in the leg are still healing. Thankfully, I found Aromalief for those little nerve flare ups.

One Unexpected Pain Vanished

Alright, I know you've been wondering what this mystery pain is. Well it's not what you're expecting.

One late night, I could not get my good leg to stop itching. It itched so bad that it was to the point of transferring over into the full pain sensation.

I reached for my Aromalief pain cream and thought “why not?” Itching is a pain response, after all.

Almost instantly this super severe itch that was cracking my sanity completely vanished! Needless to say, I have found what I'll be using for itching from now on!

Aromalief Calming Pain Relief Cream- Lavender Scent Bottle With Fresh Cherry Blossoms Near The Base.- Aromalief Product Reviews
Calm, Energize, & Sooth Your Body – Shop Aromalief

The Formula Is Friendly

According to Aromalief's website, this cream is free from harsh chemicals, made with high quality vegan ingredients, and aren't tested on animals.

And it shows!

It feels absolutely luxurious on my skin and non greasy. It's the perfect cream for me!

The Cream is So Moisturizing

There are many creams out there that are greasy and don't moisturize your skin.


This is the most hydrating cream I have ever put on my skin. Making me wonder if other creams are trying.

It has a luxurious and soft feel that is smooth and silky. No greasy feel at all!

I hope this small brand expands into more other sensitive skin care products in the future.

The Performance

As a pain relief cream, all I can say is wow! When I read about this product, I did have that thought that it couldn't be as good as it sounds.

I am not too proud to admit that I was COMPLETELY blown away by the effectiveness of this product, especially when paired with the compression socks! (Don't need socks? They have compression gloves and a compression knee sleeve too!)

I want to take a brief moment to chat about the Aromalief compression socks, because I am a huge fan. After my fibromyalgia diagnosis last year, I use compression socks a lot, especially in extreme temperatures, travel, and when I am going to be on my feet, or have pain. Let's just say Aromalief's compression socks have become my go to socks.

My socks are a medium- even though I wear a size 5/6 shoe size- to allow for swelling in my healing leg. If you tend to swell like me, I advise you also size up.

The compression is perfection! Enough to relieve pain, fight swelling and inflammation, and help soothe my feet all day long. But not so tight that it leaves marks on my skin. It's a nice comfortable hug where I need it.

The socks are also light enough to be breathable and lightweight too. How they did that? I have no clue!

These are now my go to compression socks for traveling, long days on my feet, and higher pain days. And when paired with the pain relief cream, I know that my day won't end in pain. All I can say is THANK YOU AROMALIEF!

Aromalief Compression Socks On A Woman'S Feet With Her Husky Mix Service Dog Lying On The Floor By Her Chair- Aromalief Product Review
My compression socks keep my healing ankle comfortable in combination with the Aromalief Pain Cream

The Scent

I'm going to quote them again so get ready!

“This is NOT your grandfather's pain reliever!” And they mean it.

While this formula does include menthol for that nice numbing, it doesn't smell like it.

The formula is combined with other essential oils for a fresh, light, clean and satisfying scent. No medication smell like other numbing products.

I'm pretty sure my daughter and I triggered our dopamine receptors just from the sniff test of this product. We LOVED the scent of the lavender Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Cream.

The scent is so amazing my husband didn't even complain when I applied it at bedtime. He thought it was just another lotion, not a pain cream. That's a HUGE win in my book!

Fluffy White Towel, Fresh Cherry Blossoms, And Aromalief Calming Pain Relief For A Pain Relieving Spa Session- Aromalief Product Review
Vegan Pain Relief Creams – Shop Aromalief

My Service Dog Wanted to Lick It

I really don't have too much to say that's negative about this pain cream. And while I love this cream, it did give me some anxiety because of my service dog's interest in it.

This product smells way too good. So much that my service dog wants to lick it off me.

And his response to it gave me a little anxiety as some essential oils are toxic to dogs. -If those essential oils are in this product, I can't say for sure, but better safe than sorry.-

I don't have a full knowledge of what essential oils are harmful/ toxic to dogs so I proceeded on the side of caution as my service dog is my lifeline.

But maybe you have an overly licky pet too that you want to keep safe as well.

You'll just have to remember to either wash your hands after applying, or covering the application area to prevent pet licking.

I have been using my compression socks to keep my own licker at bay.

Husky Service Dog Licking The Face Of His Handler- Aromalief Product Review
Who wouldn't want to keep such a sweet boy safe!

Where to Buy Aromalief

Let's talk about how easy this brand made it for us to enjoy their products.

All the Aromalief products (creams and compression items) on the Aromalief website.

And some products are eligible to pay with AmazonPay.

Or if you're like me and want to save time and money, you can really simplify your pain care and order a recurring subscription that can be set for 1-4 month intervals. That's amazing!

I don't often need a refill on a monthly basis so having a subscription that allows me to choose an interval is key for me.

Aromalief allows you to set up a order subscription as soon as a month and as far as once a quarter making this an affordable and easy to maintain pain care routine.

Aromalief also offers a free gift of a travel size cream with your purchase. Click the banner below to claim your free gift and shop Aromalief.


How Many Stars Do We Give Aromalief?

I have really enjoyed my time with this product these past couple weeks.

This cream is so unique and is perfect for women with chronic pain (or temporary pain too)!

It's the ONE pain relief product that I own that doesn't make me feel like I am suffering from chronic illness.

Aromalief earns 5 stars for

  • being affordable while also feeling luxurious
  • for having a refreshing non medicated scent
  • for helping boost my self confidence by giving me soft, glowing skin
  • and helping me forget that I was disabled for just a little while (through scent and through performance).

Aromalief truly has an amazing product that everyone with aches and pains needs!

Grab yours today in one of 3 amazing scents, but I recommend the lavender!

Scented Vegan Pain Relief Creams 4oz – 3 Pack
Cute Beagle With Ears Flipping Up In The Air

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Krystian Howe
Krystian Howe
Hi! I'm Krystian. The Creator of With Love, Me. I created this blog for others like myself: people living with anxiety disorder on a daily basis. I have been living with anxiety since my teens. This blog is to give you a how to guide for living with anxiety, because I sure didn't have one. I want to save you the pain and misery I had of figuring it out all on my own. Join me and my service dog Koda on the journey to help you manage your anxiety. See you on the blog and our socials!
Krystian Howe
Hi! I'm Krystian. The Creator of With Love, Me. I created this blog for others like myself: people living with anxiety disorder on a daily basis. I have been living with anxiety since my teens. This blog is to give you a how to guide for living with anxiety, because I sure didn't have one. I want to save you the pain and misery I had of figuring it out all on my own. Join me and my service dog Koda on the journey to help you manage your anxiety. See you on the blog and our socials!

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