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Self Paced Learning: On the Go

With Love, Me books are your go-to on-the-go guides for anxiety, self-care, and service dogs – designed with simplicity and warmth.

Dive into bite-sized wisdom wherever you are, empowering you with practical insights to conquer anxiety and embrace a mindful, balanced life.

In Production

Moving On: How I Made A New Life After My PTSD Diagnosis


Confident Queen

I'm a southern girl and I take care of my friends. That's why I treat my subscribers like the queens they are!

Here is my free gift to you: The ACT Method Anxiety Management Worksheet.

Create a mini anxiety management plan in under 10 minutes!

Cause every girl needs a plan to embrace her inner light and conquer anxiety.

And our motivational emails may even help you get rid of those pesky life's lemons. 🍋

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