Bringing a Touch of Creativity to Self Care

Elevate your self-care journey effortlessly with With Love, Me's premade Canva templates.

Designed with your ease in mind, these templates bring a touch of creativity to your self-care routine, making it visually engaging and seamlessly organized. Embrace simplicity and style as you prioritize your well-being – because self-care should be as beautiful as it is empowering.

Canva Template

Service Dog Or Caregiver Medical Alert Card

When you live with a mental or physical disability, it always pays to be prepared for emergencies.

This product was tested with our own set of nurses, doctors, specialists, and ERs. And they all loved it!

Keep a list of your medications in your wallet, make a badge to wear, or even save as a screensaver for your phone for quick referral. 

Featuring 2 photos and 2 name slots: so emergency responders know that you're a team.

This template is available to customize in Canva(free).

Whether you have chronic conditions or simply want an easy way to carry your medication list, this template makes medical care a breeze.


Confident Queen

I'm a southern girl and I take care of my friends. That's why I treat my subscribers like the queens they are!

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