Buddy Basics Service Dog Socialization Workbook

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Unlock the Secret to a Well Socialized Pup?

Socialization is the MOST important skill you can teach your dog…

And as a beginner, training a dog can be difficult to learn, not to mention come up with the encounters & challenges your dog needs to be successful.

If you've ever wondered how dogs like Lassie & service dogs like Koda can be so calm and focused in such chaotic settings, the answer is socialization!

Focus on training, and leave the planning to me! The Buddy Basics Dog Socialization Workbook helps beginner's track their encounters and challenges in one convenient workbook as they navigate the world.

Go beyond the skills of a beginner and learn how this force free dog trainer makes a training plan to socialize and train dogs in busy, challenging, and engaging settings so dogs and their handlers can thrive!

Do You Find Yourself?

New to Dog Training

Need Inspiration for Socialization

Struggling to Plan

Buddy Basics Will Help You

Create a Plan to Socialize Your Dog

Are You?

Struggling to Create a Training Plan

Struggling to Focus On Your Training Plan

Feeling Frustrated When Your Dog Doesn't Respond

Wondering If Your Service Dog Candidate Is Getting Enough Training & Socialization to Complete the SD Training Program Standards

How Buddy Basics Helps:

250+ Training Encounters For a Well Rounded Canine Companion

Pre-Made & Blank Worksheets to Track Your Progress

Tips to Help With Each of the 5 Areas of Socialization

The Buddy Basic's Socialization Workbook Pairs with Future WLM Training Planners to Help You Create a Complete Training Log for Your SD Candidate

Introducing the

Buddy Basics Service Dog Socialization Workbook


Discover the secret of creating an organized & scalable dog training socialization plan that will help you and your dog learn to become a team together.

With 5 sections that build upon each other, you'll go from training at home to training out and about with confidence.

Conquer over 250+ socialization challenges in this workbook to help build your dog's confidence in our busy world.

Whether you choose a digital copy or a paperback, this workbook will guide your as you socialize your dog.


What's Inside

The Buddy Basics Workbook

Socialization Definition

What is the meaning of socializing your dog? How to teach positive associations, and the goal of socialization.

What to Expect

About the Workbook, How to Use, and the Goal of the Workbook

How to Train

Why Socialization is Important, How Dogs Learns, and the 3 d's of socialization.

How to Motivate

What Motivates Dogs To Learn, Explore, and Engage with the World and Their Handlers. Plus Homework to Help you Create Your Training Toolkit

The 5 Sections

Worksheets, Tip Sheet, and Blank Worksheet for the 5 Sections of the Workbook: Sound, Texture, Home & Travel, Greetings, & Public Access.


Online Training Resources, Training Toolkit Shopping Recommendations, Website & Additional Help

Amber Laudicina, Dog Trainer ABC-SDT

Koda the Corso Training & Gear By PC, LLC

A Must-Have Resource for Service Dog Training

Krystian Howe's “The Buddy Basics Service Dog Socialization Workbook” is a game-changer for all of the overwhelmed owner handlers seeking guidance in training their service dogs. This comprehensive workbook guide offers a structured approach in managing and tracking progress, making it an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced handlers.

One of the standout features of this workbook is its emphasis on the crucial aspect of socialization. Howe covers a wide array of topics, from addressing fears and employing positive training methods, all while emphasizing the importance of safe practices. The simplicity of the layout makes it accessible and easy to follow, particularly beneficial for those who may feel daunted by the training process. The wording is evenly spaced out, there isn’t too many graphics or imagery to overwhelm those who are easily triggered and overwhelmed by too much on one page.

The workbook is divided into five main sections, each designed to assist handlers in training their dogs to navigate and thrive in our world: Sound, texture, home & travel, greetings and public access. What sets this workbook apart is the inclusion of worksheets that not only help users monitor pre-designated stimuli but also allows for customization based on individual needs and circumstances.

As a seasoned dog trainer with years of experience, I find “The Buddy Basics Service Dog Socialization Workbook” to now be a valuable addition to my training arsenal. It effectively educates handlers on the significance of specific activities and training methods in establishing a strong foundation for a successful service dog partnership.

I am eagerly anticipating more insightful educational workbooks from Krystian Howe in the future, as this one has set a high bar for excellence in the field. For anyone involved in service dog training, this workbook comes highly recommended for its practical approach, comprehensive coverage, and user-friendly format.

Overall, “The Buddy Basics Service Dog Socialization Workbook” is a must-have resource that fills a crucial gap in service dog training literature, offering a roadmap to success for both handlers and their canine partners.

The Buddy Basics Workbook

Perfect for New & Improving Trainers

This Workbook is for you if:

Need a detailed list to track your training.

Like Structured Training Plans

Want to Remember Your Dog's Reactions to Encounters

Want to Keep a Training Log for Your Potential Service Dog

Want to Hold Yourself Accountable While Socializing Your New Pup

Want to Create a Bond with Your Dog While Exploring & Socializing

Frequently Asked Questions About

Buddy Basics Socialization Workbook

Hi! I'm Krystian! The Lady behind...

The Buddy Basics Workbook

My passion for dogs has spanned across the decades of my life from childhood until present. 

I've had the pleasure of working with many wonderful people during the past 2 decades: from new puppy parents to experienced handlers and every one had one thing in common: they needed a solid foundation of skills to build and grow their training program (and their bond).

During this journey I got my degree in dog training and became skilled & accredited in canine anxiety & problem behaviors.  But it wasn't about the credits.  It was about the dogs.

I found that most dogs who are re-homed need simple socialization or simple behavior modification. That's why I dedicated over a decade to socializing puppy mill & rescue dogs.

If you know me, I've never been a healthy girl, but in 2012 a service dog became an important part of my self care plan. With a new and deeper understanding, I set out to train my own service dog(s). 

With my knowledge of dog socialization and the training needs of a working service dog, I created this workbook as a a log for all the challenges my future service dog(s) would have to master.

This book isn't just a collection of worksheets, but the start of a beautiful bond between dog and handler. Enjoy the journey!!


Connecticut, USA

This Book is a Game Changer

” This book is a game changer and perfect for anyone who thinks their dog might be perfect for service work. 

 The worksheets are super helpful to evaluate the dog and organize your training. I found them to be especially helpful.   

This book is wonderful and helped me with my service dog training. Thank you so much! “

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Are You Ready to Unlock the Secret of Dog Socialization?

Grab your copy of the Buddy Basics Service Dog Workbook and begin your journey to a well behaved dog.


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