Where to Get a Custom Service Dog Vest + Product Review

One perk of having a service dog is the gear for your pup. A custom service dog vest helps you not only protect your service dog, but do it in style!

But with all the vests, harnesses, and capes floating around, how do you know what’s best?

Since 2009, I have lived with a psychiatric service dog, and my service dogs have worn dozens of vests. From collars to full gear, we tried the rest, now, to talk about the best!

In this article, we’re talking about our pick for best service dog vest, service dog harness with handle, service dog cape, and custom service dog vest. And it’s all made by the same company: Pupcessories Crafts.

This is an honest product review of our purchase of Koda’s custom service dog vest, service dog harness with handle, service dog cape, and service dog pouches.

We’re going to guide you through our experience with the company, Pupcessories Crafts, why we chose this custom service dog gear, and all the little details in between.

Get ready because this custom service dog vest is amazing!!

Best Custom Service Dog Vest Built Just For Your Service Dog- Pupcessories Crafts Review

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While I do train my own personal service dogs, I am not certified to train service dogs for others, at least not yet! Please contact a local certified service dog trainer to request a consult on training your service dog. A legal service dog is more than a piece of paper. It requires years of training, education, time, and work with the health care system. Buying a letter and putting a vest on your dog and claiming it to be a service dog is a crime and is punishable by federal law. Do so at your own risk.

I am NOT a lawyer nor do I represent the ADA. This blog features my experience talking with ADA lawyers, other dog handlers, my training experiences, and my years of service dog knowledge over the past 20 years. To get the most accurate info, please contact a local ADA or disability lawyer to be 100% sure you are covered by the law, as service dog and emotional support dog laws vary from state to state, and country to country. You can also contact the ADA for help regarding questions about emotional support animals and service dogs.

See more in our affiliate disclaimer and our general disclaimer.

Why You Should Have a Vest for Your Service Dog

Does The Ada Require Service Dogs To Wear Vests? No.  But Service Dog Handlers Opt For Vest To Help The Dog Do Their Job And Protect Them.
Direct Quote from the ADA website on Service Dog Gear Requirements. Click to see other ADA FAQs.

The ADA does not require a service dog to have gear, but personally, walking a service dog around in public naked is a pain in the ass that no one needs.

My last service dog, Zeak, would rarely go naked in public without the interrogation. Is this a service dog? Why isn’t he vested? That’s a pet. You need to leave. Omg, he’s cute. Can I pet him? And on and on.

Having a naked service dog for a handler with anxiety is a panic attack waiting to happen. Having a vest is just easier on the handler and dog team.

So why are we all running around with our dogs in gear if it’s not required? Because it helps the public understand that this is a working dog who has a job to do.

Having a service dog vest or service dog gear offers the following benefits:

  • Visibility
  • Protection from Elements & Weather
  • Easier Access with Less Interrogation
  • Task & Alert Help
  • Easy Access to Medications & Medical Supplies
  • Warnings & Information Easily Displayed
  • Draws Attention Away from the Anxious Handler to the Dog

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Koda'S Custom Service Dog Vest Set Created By Pucessories Crafts
Where to Get a Custom Service Dog Vest + Product Review 24

Why We Chose Pupcessories Crafts as Best Custom Service Dog Vest

Experience with Service Dogs

Who better to know the needs of a service dog than another service dog handler?

Amber, founder of Pupcessories Crafts, is like me, a woman living with a service dog. See her and her own pup, Koda, on the Pupcessories Crafts Instagram.

She has experienced the frustration of finding the right gear for her own service pups. And now the Pupcessories Crafts team helps other service dog handlers create the gear they need to help their service dogs do a very important job: caring for their handlers.

They understand the needs of a service dog handler from their own personal experiences, and that is priceless.

An orthopedic vet endorsed their initial designs (not each set mailed out) to ensure the safety and comfort of the dog. And should your own orthopedic vet find the gear unsuitable -with documentation from an ortho vet supplied in the required time frame- their service will correct it.


This company is very hands on. From start to finish, they are involved in every step of the process.

When I was researching gear for Koda, who is an oddball shape, I contacted Amber to help figure out what gear my service dog needed for his job. She was happy to recommend a custom service dog vest set for Koda.

This really helped me get the gear set that was made for my own special needs. She even helped me save money by not purchasing something that wouldn’t work for Koda and myself!

My “How To Train Your Dragon” idea was created with their art production process and I gave feedback for the design and special requests prior to construction of the product. Request like custom fabric choice or color, glow in the dark thread for lettering, etc. –Our special request was to have a very cutesy artistic style for the dragons and bold lettering that was easy to see on my black pupper.-

Production kept me updated when my vest was being stitched and sewn, and when it shipped, I got notifications for that as well. And there was also delivery notification, so I knew to look for the package that day.

Not only did I find a wonderful company that makes amazing custom dog gear, I found one who understood my challenges and could help my service dog do his job safer and better.

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Customi Service Dog Vests Created By Pupcessories Crafts
Where to Get a Custom Service Dog Vest + Product Review 25

This amazing little North Carolina company truly means custom. They work with the handler to create the custom service dog gear set of their dreams.

From simple to more complex, all custom service dog vests are hand drawn by their company artist and sent to the client for review and edits before creation.

You get to choose from a wide range of colors, fonts, and service dog vest styles to create a 100% unique service dog look that also works for your needs.

And if you’re not design savvy but have an idea, you can give the Pupcessories team creative freedom to create a beautiful design for you. *All designs will need customer approval before creation.*

Creating a custom service dog vest is an easy way for handlers to focus attention on the dog rather than themselves.

They can even make pockets or bags to store your medical supplies and emergency contact information card.

Easy Clean & Maintain

I am absolutely in love with how easy my custom service dog gear is to clean.

Just wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. DONE!

For extra protection, Pupcessories Crafts recommends using Scotchgard before first use and after each cleaning.

Want to see how easy this set is to clean? Watch us clean it in real time on our custom service dog vest product demo!

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They measure your custom set for your service dog.

You don’t have to worry about a weird fit from a one size fits all service dog vest.

They make every custom vest for your dog’s specific measurements.

Pupcessories Crafts is happy to help you measure your pup properly through a video chat, or you can stop by their shop!

And they know that sometimes dog’s sizes can change, they have a refund period of 7 days if it doesn’t fit right when put on the dog.

Wait Time

The wait time for a custom service dog vest is more than their pre-made sets, but I assure you IT IS WORTH IT!

Wait time varies on production waitlist, but they keep you up to date!

When I was sure that Koda could handle the job and would not wash out of the program, I ordered his set.

The Pupcessories Team chatted with me off and on for the 8 months while we waited for our turn. -Again, wait time varies.-

I’m really glad that there was a wait time. During the year of training that Koda and I had, my idea for his own vest designed changed. And that wait made it super simple for me to make the change, with no out-of-pocket cost!

And getting the gear after the wait was the best, because that means we had reached out service dog training goals!

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There are many custom vest styles making Pupcessories Crafts affordable for everyone.

While patches range from as low as $7, a full set without handles is about $170 without tax.

Koda’s Custom Service Dog Vest set included:

  • Advanced Y Front w Teardrop Cape with embroidery
  • Counter Balance Handle (detachable)
  • Pull Strap
  • Metal Hardware
  • Embroidered Pouches
  • Traffic Lead
  • Chest Plate Emblem
  • Leash Wrap
  • 2″ Embroidered Collar w Metal
  • 3D Bridge Patch for CB Handle

With a wide range of products, my custom service dog vest set with all the bells and whistles cost me just over $400. (I got a combo of products- chat with Pupcessories to get a quote for your own set!)

A BARGAIN compared to the amount of money I have spent on vests that didn’t work for him. I’ve spent hundreds on him trying to get a prefect fit for his broad chest, long back, and small neck, making this custom service dog vest set PERFECT for Koda.

Logo Wbone
Where to Get a Custom Service Dog Vest + Product Review 26

See this Custom Service Dog Vest on Koda the Service Dog

Purchase Your Favorites from Koda’s Custom Service Dog Vest Set on Etsy

Y-Front Harness
Image 1
Embroidered Rectangle Cape
Image 2
Advanced Pouches (set of 2)
Image 3
Leash Wrap
Logo Wbone
Where to Get a Custom Service Dog Vest + Product Review 27
Image 4
Counter Balance Handle
Image 7
Pull Strap
Image 8
2″ Standard Collar with Embroidery
Image 9
Image 10
Traffic Lead
Image 11
Chest Patch/Emblem
Image 1 10
3d Custom Patch

All custom service dog vests & gear are available on the Pupcessories Crafts website.

Overall Rating For Pupcessories Crafts Custom Service Dog Vest

We are giving Pupcessories Crafts 5 stars for their amazing one of a kind service and design.

This company is knowledgeable about the needs of service dog handlers and cares about keeping your service dog safe.

The custom service dog vest we purchased from Pupcessories Crafts is easy to clean, easy to use, and beautiful!!

Sizing is not an issue as they create each custom piece for your dog’s measurements.

The wait time helps uphold quality and allows you to think about what you want your custom service dog vest to look like.

The cost is affordable for a top notch quality product with amazing hands on customer service!

With a wide variety of styles, most budgets can find a custom service dog set that suits them.

To learn more about getting your own custom service dog vest, see the Pupcessories Website.

Custom Service Dog Vest- Product Review- 5 Stars
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Best Custom Service Dog Vest: Best Custom Service Dog Vest Built Just For Your Service Dog

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