With Love, Me

Simplifying Anxiety & Self Care for Women

Are You Sick of Anxiety Ruining Your Life?

Anxiety is a BITCH and is robbing you of your dream life.

I’m here to be your self care coach and help you turn your anxiety into your greatest strength.

I’ve been on this journey.  That’s why With Love, Me offers tested strategies to achieve your mental health and self care goals.  To help you on your journey to less anxiety, I share lessons learned from my own experiences, as well as invaluable tips on how a psychiatric service dog can transform your life.

Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Krystian!

I’m a self care coach & psychiatric service dog consultant. And, I want to help you to become less stressed, more focused, and leading a happier life.

I will help YOU become the best version of yourself by guiding you during your stress relieving journey.

You will learn how to change your thinking, learn to improve your self esteem from within yourself, and make changes to improve your mental health.

The result? Better relationships, improved productivity, and you will start loving being you!

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