Hello Lovelies! Let’s Improve Your Mental Health Together.

Do you crave me time?

Are you so busy that you’re always last on your list?

Are you feeling your mental health care team isn’t hearing you?

Do you want to love your life?

Improve your relationships?

Starting enjoying your life again?

Good news!  You can do ALL of that just by improving your mental health.

I can help you go from self care beginner to Mental Health Expert!

You’ll learn tips and tricks that will help you create a life you love, just by taking care of yourself!

Let’s begin!

Who am I?

Hi! I'm

Krystian Howe

I'm a girl just like you. I spent years putting the needs of others before myself. I gave my all to everyone else, and I had nothing left for me.

I live with mental illness: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, and Depression. With the help of a psychiatric service dog, I am navigating the challenges of life with a mental illness.

I pushed myself to do more at work and home, but did little for myself. I kept going until my body made me stop. I fainted and ended up hospitalized for mental and physical exhaustion.

My body forced me to re-evaluate my life and take a long hard look at how I lived. I started learning how to care for my mental health.

What I discovered is that I can actually care for others, reach my goals, and be happier just by taking time for me and learning to take care of my mental health.

And now I want to help you! I'm sharing my experiences with you to help you navigate your own self care journey. Yes, you can create a life you love AND take care of yourself!

With Love, Me Blog

Mental Health

Self Care

Life with a Service Dog

Mental Health

When you improve your mental health, you thrive. 

Get tips & tricks for living with mental illness.

Learn how to work with your mental healthcare team.

Get information about how mental illness affects you.

Learn signs and symptoms of mental illness.

Get top mental health resources.

Learn more about Mental Health on the blog.

Self Care

Self Care is more than just bubble baths, even though they are fun!

Learn coping skills.

Explore routines to help you relax and unwind.

Get tips to take time for you without the guilt.

Learn about hobbies that help promote a happy brain.

Learn strategies to take care of your mental health.

Learn more about Self Care on the blog.

Life with a Service Dog

Meet the best mental health care team around!

Are you curious about how service dogs are actually helping with self care and improving mental health?

You can check my hard working pups out and see their daily antics.  And you can see how they work.

These pups all work hard to make a difference in positive mental health.

 Get a sneak peek into ADA laws, pros & cons of service dogs, training and more.

Need a mental health boost? Learn more about service dogs on the blog and on our social media!

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