Let the Journey Begin

Curating Calm from Chaos

Let's stop the cycle of anxiety and depression and learn to cultivate a calm & mindful lifestyle that promotes positive mental health.

Life is stressful, I get it. I also suffer from anxiety disorder.

But it doesn't have to dictate your life.  You can fight back against those lemons that life gives you.

Working with a mental health coach is the recipe to make life sweet again.

Our coaching programs will help you create core foundation skills that help you combat anxiety on a daily basis, not just when major anxiety strikes. 

Additional support is offered for those interested in adding a psychiatric service dog to their self care plan. 

And we can't prevent life from giving you lemons, our program will help you learn to make lemonade just the way you like it. 🍋



People Pleasing

Disconnected Feelings

Social Avoidance

Self Loathing & Negativity

Unclear Boundaries

Approval Seeking

Emotional Fatigue

Conflict Avoidance

Hiding Feelings

Ignoring Needs

Emotional Outbursts

Mental Health Coaching Will Help You

Grow Into the Person You Were Meant To Be

A woman who knows her mind, her body, and her needs. Become the woman you've always desired to be: one sure of herself.

Life has you Feeling:

Disconnected and Empty

Anxious and Avoiding Potential Stressors

Low Self Esteem & Self Confidence

Like Your Relationships Are Falling Apart

How Coaching Improves Your Life:

You have a plan to re-motivate you, balance your life, and reconnect with your feelings.

You have a plan to reset your nervous system and learn to overcome your fears.

You have a plan to help you re-gain your confidence without depending on others.

You have a plan to learn to communicate Effectively and to Resolve Conflict.

What to Expect

Support to Help You Grow & Thrive

Our coaching programs focus on creating solid foundation skills & habits to encourage positive mental health cultivate self awareness, and grow your confidence and self esteem.

Mental Health Coaching

Coaching for the new mental health patient who wants to get the most out of their mental health appointments, learn how to prep for your next appointment, and master anxiety disorder education.

Self Care Coaching

Coaching for everyone who wants to learn, grow, and explore themselves.  These positive reinforcement sessions will help you build self esteem, self confidence, and learn self awareness.

Service Dog Coaching

Coaching for potential and new service dog handlers who want to learn about PTSD & Anxiety service dogs and master the challenges that occur in the service dog lifestyle. 

Mental Health Coaching

Get 1-1 Mental Health Coaching

My time as a military spouse with chronic mental and physical disability has taught me one thing: if you don't advocate for yourself, no one else will.

I am sharing this very mindset with you in the WLM Mental Health Coaching Program.

Together we will help you cultivate your self awareness that will help you get the proper treatment with your mental health team. From learning to prep for appointments to discussing problems you're experiencing; you'll learn everything you need to get help for anxiety- faster and with less appointments.

You'll learn core skills to set boundaries and express yourself and your needs, and learn your own personal warning signs that your mental health is slipping.

Schedule a free 90 minute session to discuss your needs. 


What's included In Mental Health Coaching

60-90 Minute Zoom session(s)

Goal Assessment & Goal Check In Each Session

2 Check-ins with problem solving (text, email, or messenger)

Post session notes or video

Session Action Plan to Keep You Accountable

Exclusive Resources for Mental Health Coaching Clients Only

Self Care Coaching

Get 1-1 Self Care Coaching

My time caring for my own mental health disability has taught me that self care for anxiety disorders is NOT optional. 

I am sharing 20+ years of anxiety care experience with you in this curated self care coaching program.

Our goal in the self care coaching program is to create a life that you don't need a vacation from.

Together we will create a roadmap to help you reach your long-term goals.

You'll develop core skills to encourage growth in self esteem, self confidence, and showing your authentic self to the world.

Schedule a free 90 minute session to discuss your needs. 


What's included In Self Care Coaching

60-90 Minute Zoom session(s)

Goal Assessment & Goal Check In Each Session

2 Check-ins with problem solving (text, email, or messenger)

Post session notes or video

Session Action Plan to Keep You Accountable

Exclusive Resources for Self Care Coaching Clients Only

Psychiatric Service Dog Coaching

Get 1-1 Support in Psychiatric Service Dog Coaching

I've spent the last 14+ years living with a psychiatric service dog by my side.

I not only handle a service dog, but I am a certified force free dog trainer with 17+ years experience and I am working to become a certified force free service dog trainer.

A service dog is not just medical equipment.  He is your lifeline, your friend, your partner in life.  He will become your heart and soul. Your service dog will become and extension of you.

A psychiatric service dog brings joy, independence, and provides a lifeline to their disabled handlers.  

I offer coaching for service dog challenges for those who have been diagnosed with an anxiety/PTSD disability. 

Together we will navigate the challenges that comes with being a service dog handler as we learn the basics of the service dog lifestyle. 

You'll learn core skills to identify if a service dog is right for you, what your rights are per ADA guidelines, and how to react to common challenges service dog handlers face.

Schedule a free 90 minute session to discuss your needs. 


What's included In Service Dog Coaching

60-90 Minute Zoom session(s)

2 Check-ins with problem solving (text, email, or messenger)

Post session notes or video

Session Action Plan to Keep You Accountable

Exclusive Resources for Service Dog Coaching Clients Only

Why Choose

WLM Mental Health Coaching

No one deserves to struggle with anxiety, self confidence, and productivity. I struggled for over a decade before I discovered the secret. I want to share that secret with you and help you along the path of anxiety management.

I use positive reinforcement during our sessions.

We believe that a growth mindset cannot be achieved without a nurturing environment.
  • I use motivational techniques to help you overcome stuck points.
  • I celebrate small steps, because small steps = big wins.
  • I encourage balance to keep my clients from suffering burnout and overwhelm.

i Value Open & Honest Communication.

All good relationships are built with good communication. I'll help you evolve your skills.
  • I encourage a knowledge mindset to help you learn and ask questions.
  • Communication skills are taught in small steps.
  • Practice in coaching sessions and with other understanding persons is encouraged.


What works for me may not work for you. I am happy to adjust your session to help you progress.
  • Anxiety varies. Our program is tailored to you to promote motivation.
  • We simplify by defining your energy type.
  • All brains and learning types are beautiful. We adjust as needed.


My clients are treated like the queens they are and I spoil them rotten with perks.
  • Access to the secret client only Resource Library
  • Opportunities to Earn Free or Discounted Shop Products
  • Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Group with unlimited access to me in our positive community.
Meet Your Coach

Krystian Howe

Hello Lovelies!

I offer mental health coaching and self care planning to women suffering from anxiety disorder.

Whether you are a new patient who needs help figuring out how to work with the mental health care system or just an anxious lady who wants to learn how to cultivate calm in her life, I'm here to help you travel the path to better mental health.

And for potential and new service dog handlers for those with anxiety/PTSD disability, I offer support navigating the world with a psychiatric service dog. 

My coaching services draws from my personal experiences with Anxiety disorder and disability reaching back over 20+ years to give you the positive environment you need to heal and grow.

Let's work together to help you achieve your goals- with less anxiety to get in your way.


Pupcessories Crafts


Margaret Bourne


D12 Ability Support


Bliss This House


How To

Book Your Coaching Session

1- Contact Me

Contact me Via Email.

Let's discuss your needs before you purchase.
  • All session availability wil be afternoons or evenings (days will vary) in Eastern Standard Time (New York).

2- The Free Session

Your Free Zoom Session

Get to Know Me
  • We will discuss your coaching goals, your story, and my thoughts on what our program can offer you prior to booking. If you like us, we'll discuss your session(s).

3- Paperwork & Payment

It's time to Book!

How to Book Your Session(s).
  • Once the coaching contracts and payment have been signed and processed, I'll email you with availability for dates and times for your first session.

4- The Sessions

Your Custom Session(s)

Creating a positive mindset together.
  • Get ready for the coziest session you'll ever have! Im a southern girl who loves relaxing while chatting with friends! Won't you join me?
Learn At Your Own Pace with our

Self Care Boot Camp

Is your anxiety over whelming you and you don't know where to being to soothe your frayed nerves?

Then this course is for you!

Get ready to explore the fundamentals of self care as your dive into our immersive course full of resources and tips to achieve a calm and rested nervous system.

This course includes:

  • Discovering how long term stress and anxiety change your brain.
  • Exploring the psychology of why self care is important for mental health so you can schedule self care into your day, guilt free.
  • How to discover your personal triggers through journaling.
  • How to apply the 7 pillars of self care for anxiety management.
  • Discovering simple lifestyle changes and habits to promote a healthy mindset.
  • Our personalized Amazon shopping list for our favorite self care kit finds for panic attacks.

This course helps you MASTER the skills you need to create a self care plan tailored to your anxiety needs.

25+ Years

Daily Anxiety Challenges Expertise

5+ Years

Volunteer- Service Dog Educator

3+ Years

Self Care and Anxiety Mentor

Let's Work Together

Are You Ready to transform from Anxious Lady to Confident Queen?

Let's connect today and start building your custom roadmap to self care mastery together!


Confident Queen

I'm a southern girl and I take care of my friends. That's why I treat my subscribers like the queens they are!

Here is my free gift to you: The ACT Method Anxiety Management Worksheet.

Create a mini anxiety management plan in under 10 minutes!

Cause every girl needs a plan to embrace her inner light and conquer anxiety.

And our motivational emails may even help you get rid of those pesky life's lemons. 🍋

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