85 Simple New Years Resolution Ideas for Your Best 2022

New Years Resolution ideas use to make me bat shit crazy! I would stress every year about how to start my year off right. And every December I would cry over the things I didn’t do that year. Why? Well society tells us we are supposed to knock New Year’s Resolution goals out of the park. So I quit. I quit making myself miserable and gave myself permission to try all these amazing things instead. Adopt all of these New Years Resolution ideas or just a few of them. The point it to do better than yesterday! Here is to a happy New Year for 2022!!

New Years Resolution Ideas 2022
Reach your goals!


While I have hacked mental health for over 20 years, that experience does not make me a mental health professional. I am just a girl living with mental illness. This content is educational and informative and is not to replace the advice of your mental health team or doctor. Try these tips at your own risk.

For more information, please see my disclosure.

For you to have a legal service dog, you need to have documentation from YOUR mental health doctor or therapist stating how a service dog will improve your life (not a fake online registry or an online doctor that is trying to scam you out of your money). Please consult YOUR personal doctor to add a service dog to your treatment plan.

For more information on psychiatric service dogs, contact a disability lawyer or visit the Official ADA Website.

New Years Resolution Ideas
Goodbye 2021!

New Years Resolution Ideas for Finances

  1. Gather Christmas and Birthday gifts all year instead of doing last minute shopping.
    • Use a bin system to store your purchases all year.
  2. Pay a little bit more than what I owe on debt to pay it off sooner.
    • You credit score will go up.
    • You will have more cash to spend!
  3. Spend a little money on myself each month.
    • Get a caramel coffee, buy a book you want, get a cute bow tie for your pet.
  4. Donate time, money, or supplies to a 501c3 this year, and feel good about helping others.
    • -I know some great dog rescues that would love a gift! The pups will love it!-
  5. Stop subscriptions you are not using.
    • Apps, Streaming, etc.
  6. Downgrade services I am not using enough.
    • Switch from cable to Streaming, downgrade from paid apps you’re not using, etc.
  7. Grab a Kindle and go digital!
    • Decrease clutter
    • Save some trees
    • Save money buying digital books. Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and borrow books!
  8. Ditch habits that drain your finances.
    • Smoking, drinking, eating out too much, spending too much on credit cards for birthdays and holidays.
    • Substitute with healthier options (shopping for Christmas all year and not just after Thanksgiving)
  9. Split School drop off and Pick up duties with a friend, or join a school carpool. –My bestie and I use to do this when our kids went to the same school! It was a life saver!-
    • Saves gas!
    • Adds extra time to your day.
    • Reduces stress for busy parents.
  10. If you’re losing weight, do not buy clothing new.
  11. Grab gift cards for quick and easy last minute gifts. Get a pack of birthday cards while you’re at it!
    • I never got a grocery gift card I didn’t like!
    • Pay for a car wash! Even better if it has a vacuum package with it!
    • Send someone a pizza, coffee, etc.
    • Cash is always a favorite gift!
    • Amazon gift cards!
New Years Resolution Ideas
Reach Your Financial Goals!

New Year Resolution Ideas for Self Care

  1. Read a book a month.
  2. Create a positive social media experience by un-following negative people, groups, and pages.
    • And following positive and fun people, pages, and groups.
  3. Schedule a chat with a friend once a month.
    • Venting improves mental health.
  4. Lighten my load and boost my mood by not packing every minute of my day with to do lists.
    • Make time to take a break!
    • Busier is NOT better. You are risking your mental and physical health by doing too much.
  5. Schedule something fun each month.
    • Have something to look forward to!
  6. Stop pretending to be something you are not.
    • You do not have to be happy all the time.
    • You do not have to be a social butterfly all the time.
    • You get to be a cranky bitch when you are hurting.
    • Just be you. Being authentic gives you better relationships!
  7. Learn to ask for help. No one can do it alone.
    • Learn to delegate tasks.
    • Once you delegate, let it go! Do not micro manage your partner or kids. No one likes a backseat driver!
    • Pay for some services. I hate washing my car so I pay someone to do it for me.
    • If you do not have superpowers, then you do not have to be a superhero.
    • It is good for kids to see you take care of yourself. They will copy you later in life.
  8. Weed out people in your life that cause you negativity.
    • You do not have to stay connected with people who hurt your mental health.
    • You do not have to stay connected with people who hurt your finances.
    • You do not have to stay connected with people who physically hurt you.
    • You do not have to be the bigger person if it hurts you.
    • You are allowed to feel grief, pain, sadness, and other emotions for ditching a toxic relationship.
  9. Take part in a 30 day challenge.
    • With Love, Me will have a self care challenge later this year!
  10. Instead of focusing on what’s coming up, be happy in the moment.
    • Do not watch your kids through your phone. Put it on video and set it down!
  11. Take a bath that is relaxing once a week. Even better if you do this before bed to relieve tension.
    • Recenter myself and pamper me!
  12. Take positive steps to improve my mental health.
    • Get an affirmation for my phone!
    • Set up those mental health appointments you have been postponing.
  13. Get a flattering haircut to improve self esteem.
    • Who doesn’t want to look amazing?
  14. Ditch the phone, iPad, and computer once a month.
    • Instead of texting or calling, schedule a in person visit and share a meal or coffee.
    • Physical touch and real connection are essential for positive mental health.
    • Your grandparents or elderly friends would LOVE an in person visit.
  15. Stop using outdated or unhealthy society standards to judge my self worth.
    • You are worth more than someone else’s opinion.
    • No one knows you better than yourself.
    • The only standard you should measure yourself by is : Am I better than I was yesterday?
  16. Embrace the weird and quirky things about me.
    • No one is normal.
    • There is no standard for personality.
    • You can be anything you want and love anything you want.
    • Relationships built on the real you are way better!
    • There are no lies or falseness to keep up. Being fake is exhausting!!
  17. Stop focusing on being past me. Embrace a new me.
    • Past you is just what your environment created.
    • Now you, will also be where you are planted.
    • Future you, will result from your work you do today.
  18. For every negative thought, create 3 positive ones to take its place.
    • You’ll train your brain to think positive over time!
  19. Speak nice about myself: in my conversations and in my head.
    • If you wouldn’t say it about your partner, friend, mother, loved ones, kids; do not speak to yourself like that either.
  20. Make a quick self care plan for when I am stressed or overwhelmed.
    • Do you need to get away?
    • Need a snack?
    • Make a self care kit!
  21. Spend time with a friendly animal.
    • Visit a shelter.
    • Phone a friend with a pet.
    • Baby sit a pet.
  22. Journal each week to improve your mental health.
    • Even better if you do it nightly before bed so you can ditch those intrusive thoughts!
  23. Plan one large goal for your year.
    • This year I want to improve my mental health.
    • Make smaller goals all year long to meet that goal.
  24. Spend some time outside.
    • Fresh air is good for you.
    • We need sunlight for proper Vitamin D production or you’ll get anemic.
  25. Get a hobby that will help you improve your mental health.
  26. Have one go to outfit that makes you feel fabulous.
    • Wear it on bad mental health days.
    • Wear it when you feel you have nothing to wear!
New Years resolution Ideas
Learn to take care of yourself!

New Year Resolution Ideas for Health & Wellness

  1. Get a blood panel done to check for illness.
    • A yearly checkup will help you manage illness with a smaller bill all year.
    • Avoid the ER visits by getting in front of illness.
  2. For every hour you sit, you will move 5 minutes.
    • An 8 hour desk job gives you 40 minutes!
    • Do it all at once, or do it each hour. It’s up to you!
  3. Stop obsessing over your weight, and obsess over your health numbers.
    • Cholesterol
    • Heart rate
    • BP
    • BMI (your weight to height ratio)
    • -Obsessing about your height because you hit your head on fans and doors, or can’t reach the top shelf at the grocery store is fine.-
  4. Get 8 hours of restful sleep a night.
    • Two sets of broken 4 hour naps with barking dogs and kids do not count!
  5. Learn about your medical conditions or mental health conditions so you can advocate for yourself better.
    • You get better care if you can tell them what’s going on!
    • Track your symptoms.
    • Track your medications.
  6. Quit the caffeine in the a.m. so you don’t experience the afternoon crash.
    • Switch to orange juice to get the same morning perks without the crash!
  7. Break down health goals to small achievable steps.
    • Make goals very simple by plotting it out!
  8. Replace a bad habit with a good one.
    • Find a similar task that can replace a bad habit.
  9. Create a list of homemade meals that I love as a go to for “I don’t care” meal decisions.
    • Make it even easier by creating sections for sweet, salty, spicy, etc!
    • Make a spinner wheel to make a choice for you.
  10. Limit fast food.
    • Include a good choice in every purchase.
    • Trade fries for fruit, salad, baked potato.
    • Trade Soda for lemonade or water.
    • Try to eat at home, or from home, when you can.
  11. Share a dessert with a friend or loved one each month.
    • You don’t have to ditch dessert if you have it in moderation (told to me by a licensed nutritionist!)
  12. Drink as much water as your do caffeine.
    • Caffeine dehydrates you so drink water so you don’t feel gross.
    • Your skin and body will thank you!!!
    • You will get less headaches!
  13. Ban pre-made snacks from the house.
    • (Chips Ahoy cookies, Keebler Elfs, Pre-packaged chips).
    • Instead keep ingredients for your favorite snacks to curb boredom or impulsive eating.
  14. Learn to make your favorites in the Instapot or Crockpot.
    • Use that time not cooking to take care of yourself or relaxing.
    • Stop stressing about what you’re going to eat for dinner.
    • I have this Instapot and love it so much! I started homemaking dog treats and food in it!
  15. Set a Wake and Bedtime and don’t break it for better sleep all year!
    • I wake at 9am and go to bed at 1030.
    • Your schedule doesn’t have to be the 5 am rush daily. You can be off by 30 mins or an hour. Much more and you’re throwing off your internal clock.
    • If you need a nap, take it. When we are ill or exhausted, we need extra sleep. But stick to your wake and bedtime.
New Years Resolution Ideas
Get Healthier!

New Years Resolution Ideas for Relationships

  1. Learn communication skills.
    • Therapists are great for this! Mine has been hacking my communication gaps for YEARS!
  2. Have a fun at home date night once a week.
    • Me and my hubby snuggle in bed and watch TV while talking.
  3. Save fun Date Night Ideas on Pinterest!
  4. Take responsibility for my actions and apologize when I make a mistake.
    • Blame makes people defend themselves.
    • I cannot change others, only myself.
    • My responsible actions can improve my relationships, cause less stress, and improve the attitude of others.
  5. Learn to talk about what I need from others without beating around the bush.
    • Either tell them or quit obsessing about it.
    • No one is a mind reader.
    • You will not get what you need by wishing for it.
  6. Learn problem solving without losing my patience or my temper.
    • Yelling solves nothing and only creates hurt.
    • You will learn to solve issues quicker and more efficiently.
    • Yelling can trigger trauma and PTSD. These cause permanent changes to the brain!
  7. Meet people with similar interests to mine.
    • Facebook groups
    • Meetup
    • create your own
    • etc.
  8. Learn my partner’s love language and show them how much I love and appreciate them in a manner they appreciate.
    • This book will tell you all about Love Languages! It is a must for getting to know yourself and your partner!
  9. Take your kids on a date just for them.
    • You don’t have to blow the budget to have fun. Mini golf is amazing!!
  10. Stop judging your relationships by society standards.
    • Do what is right for you!
  11. Write a love letter, poem, etc to your partner.
    • Everyone wants to be appreciated, even men.
  12. Talk about your childhood with your partner and ask about theirs.
    • Getting to know your partner will create intimacy.
  13. Don’t complain about your partner for 30 days.
    • Helps adopt a more positive mindset.
    • Helps your partner feel more appreciated by hearing kindness from you vs. complaining about things they lack.
    • Can kindle intimacy and appreciation for a good partner.
    • You might even want to get intimate more. -Bow chicka wow wow! Wink!-
  14. Stop waiting for fairy tales and create the life you want.
    • Real fairy tales are tragic.
    • Life is not a romantic comedy.
    • You do not live a Hollywood movie set.
    • Life is better than a movie. It’s slower pace and you can make the magic happen if you put in the work.
    • Things rarely happen without hard work and a little planning.
    • Great relationships are two partners making it work with compromise and problem solving.
    • “There is no secret ingredient. It’s just you!” -Kung Fu Panda
New Years Resolution Ideas
Cherish Your Relationships!

New Years Resolution Ideas for Home

  1. Create a home you love.
    • You do not have to buy anything to redecorate.
    • Moving things around and de-cluttering can really make a difference!
    • A color change can create calm!
  2. Create a bedroom sanctuary where I feel relaxed and happy.
    • Soft fabrics are amazing.
    • Invest in a good pillow.
    • Get a quieter fan. – I love my fan. It’s blade-less so I don’t have to take it apart to clean it!-
  3. Toss items that no longer suit your life.
    • Do you really need that 4th crock-pot?
    • Feel good and de-clutter while helping others. You can give useful items to shelters. Or sell the items and donate to a good cause.
    • Less clutter, less mess, less time cleaning stuff, better mental health. –Do I need to go on?-
  4. Get rid of clothing that does not serve its purpose/function or does not fit.
    • Be happy with you now and don’t waste time on clothing that does not make you fabulous today!
  5. Make a cozy bed so you sleep better.
    • Get comfy sheets.
    • Invest in a good pillow!
  6. Repair, donate, or toss broken items.
    • Quit letting junk take up space in your home and life.
  7. Create cleaning box kits to clean.
    • My categories are (all purpose, pet stains, floors, bath, etc.)
    • Saves me time by not having to hunt for the right cleaners.
    • I can keep a box in each bathroom for quick cleaning.
    • Easily Portable! Easy set up!
    • These are my current storage boxes and I love them. If they’re not in use, I can take them apart and store them! They’re solid when in use!-
  8. Ditch those holey undies and socks. Holes in jeans are in, but holes in undergarments are out!
    • You can get fun stuff to replace it!
  9. Clean those carpets and rugs!
    • Your allergies will thank you!
    • You do not know how dirty those things are until you wash them.
    • Your home will look and smell better!
    • A Shark Vacuum will help you breathe better. -I have asthma and this vacuum has really reduced my breathing issues!-
  10. Create a home binder for important documents and stick it in a safe spot.
    • Keep it in a cool dry place that will be easy to grab in an emergency!
  11. Create a simple scrapbook with clear sheets to store drawings, cards, pictures, and other emotional items you want to save.
    • Display these instead of having loads of boxes.
  12. Get in the “Don’t put it down, put it away” mindset.
    • Grab a basket if you need to store things to take upstairs or downstairs.
New Years Resolution ideas
Love Your Home!

Miscellaneous New Year’s Resolution Ideas

  1. Take my dog for a sniff and explore walk in a new area.
    • Take a hike. Explore your city!
  2. Save photos from my devices to a Cloud Server or External Hard drive so I won’t lose them.
  3. Explore my city and find fun and happy places to visit.
    • Find a new restaurant.
    • Find a local park.
    • Find somewhere fun to shop.
  4. Make a vision board to help visual my simple goals.
    • Decorating your Bedroom
    • Your New Wardrobe
    • Your Christmas Tree next year.
  5. Delete apps you are not using.
    • Delete those games on your phone you don’t play.
    • Delete apps that no longer get updates.
  6. Get headphones that are harder to lose, and won’t snag.
    • Check out mine! They’re like a necklace and the charge lasts 10 hrs!
  7. Make resolutions to give yourself permission to do things.
    • The purpose of good resolutions is to push you to be better. If it’s making you miserable, get help or drop it. Prolonged stress is not good for you.
    • Take resolutions with a grain of salt. “Anything worth doing is worth doing half way.”- Unknown
    • Celebrate the small victories. Look at everything you accomplished, even if you did it halfway. Reading 5 books are better than 0!
New Years Resolution Ideas
Love Your Life!

Have a happy and healthy New Year from With Love, Me!

What is your favorite resolution from this list? Tell me in the comments!!!

Be happy, be safe, and I’ll see you in 2022!!

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  1. Love your idea of doing something fun each month as a self-care goal! I’m going to try to take a day (or a half day) once a month as a “me” day. I will go wherever and do whatever I want, alone! It will be such a good way to reconnect with myself that’s doable! Also love what you said about how society pushes for us to knock our resolutions out of the park. This puts so much pressure on ourselves! We don’t need to subscribe to that way of thinking. Great post 🙂

  2. Great resolutions! It is important not to be too hard on ourselves while maintain a new year goal, which is key to be aware that it is okay to fail and start again.

  3. Gosh such a detailed post. I have full respect for anyone who can stick to their New Years resolutions. I’ve never been very successful unfortunately. Note to self must try harder this year.

  4. These are all fantastic resolutions. I especially like the idea of deleting the apps I don’t use. Because I have some apps on my phone that still charge me even though I don’t use them any more.

  5. These are all such fantastic resolutions! I love them all! The most fascinating one for me was the caffeine and orange juice one. Had no idea orange juice gave you energy without the crash- definitely trying this!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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