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Krystian Howe

With Love, Me is a honest look into living with an anxiety disorder. We help women who are struggling to adjust to living with anxiety with our simple strategies, inspirational messages, and "day in the life" peeks. We inspire these busy women to take charge, learn to care for themselves, and start healing the damage anxiety has done to their lives. Because every women deserves a life with less stress and more happiness.

With Love, Me

Benefits of Working With Us

Ad Free

Our Sponsors don't have to worry about intrusive ads & popups competing with their sponsored content.

Real & Honest

We don't beat around the bush. We tell our readers like it is and why we love you!

Fun & Quirky Reels

Life with Anxiety is stressful so we promote a fun attitude to our viewers.

High Standards

We take pride in working with Brands that uphold our values. We also have a strict policy about the items and services we promote.

We're Niche!

Our topics are all anxiety related: Anxiety education, self care for anxiety, and psychiatric service dogs. Everything on With Love, Me helps women ease anxiety or care for a service dog.

Cutest Dog Models

Koda, Mischa, and Chloe are always a part of the fun here at With Love, Me.


We live the life of our readers every day. We use our experiences to guide our readers through difficulty.

We Value Education.

We're certified in Positive Reinforcement Dog Training, Canine Anxiety & Problems, Behavior Assessments for Canines, & Puppy Raising (Pet & Service Dog), Canine Rehab, and Photography. We also support accurate information and will not publish any content that we cannot support with references.


With Love, Me keeps our brands and sponsors in the loop.

What To Expect:

  • 100% Original Content
  • Fun, Friendly & Conversational Story Telling
  • Inspirational Attitude
  • Open & Communicative Work Ethic
  • Professional Photography Editing (When Needed)
  • 100% Honest Product & Brand Recommendations
  • Detailed Product Testing for all Sponsored Content
  • Licensed Stock Photography or Original Photography

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