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7 Types of Self Care for Complete Body and Mind Wellness

Proper self care is more than just beauty treatments. It's not just the next best trend, it's what you do to calm your...

What 2 Questions about Service Dogs Can a Business Ask?

The one thing that every service dog team fears is being denied their public access rights. And businesses also fear denying access to...

Is an Emotional Support Dog the Same as a Service Dog?

When you are disabled, whether it is a physical or mental disability, there comes a time when you ask yourself if a service dog...

How to Create Smart Goals When You’re Stressed

As an anxiety sufferer myself, I understand the comfort zone that we live in so we can get just a little emotional relief. Big changes...

Prioritizing Yourself: Unlocking the Benefits of Women’s Self Care

You hear it all over TikTok and Instagram. Practice self care for a better life, healthier body, more productive day, and healthy mindset. But...

Signs of Being Triggered: Know Yourself

When you live with an anxiety disorder, a strong part of your life is spent wondering if you are being triggered and how to...
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