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Do you want to know more about anxiety management but don't know what it is?

Then this worksheet is for you!

Get ready to learn about the ACT Method for anxiety management. 

This worksheet includes:

  • Learning to Anticipate Your Triggers
  • Learning to Create a Plan to Manage Anxiety Before it Happens
  • Learn how to Train Your Brain To Reduce Severity of Anxiety

This worksheet will help you make a mini self care plan under 10 minutes!

Because every lady needs to shine!

And our motivational emails may even help you get rid of those pesky life's lemons. 🍋

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Meet Your Coach

Krystian Howe

Hello Lovelies!

I offer mental health coaching and self care planning to women suffering from anxiety disorder.

Whether you are a new patient who needs help figuring out how to work with the mental health care system or just an anxious lady who wants to learn how to cultivate calm in her life, I'm here to help you travel the path to better mental health.

And for potential and new service dog handlers for those with anxiety/PTSD disability, I offer support navigating the world with a psychiatric service dog. 

My coaching services draws from my personal experiences with Anxiety disorder and disability reaching back over 20+ years to give you the positive environment you need to heal and grow.

Let's work together to help you achieve your goals- with less anxiety to get in your way.

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