The Calm and Confident Anxiety Library

Everything You Need to Master Self Care

Welcome to the Calm and Confident Anxiety Library!

With Love, Me strives to help every woman become calm and confident in herself. 

I want to help you cultivate self confidence, achieve a positive mindset, overcome habits that are keeping you stuck, and so much more.

The Calm and Confident Anxiety Library is With Love, Me's self paced learning center for mental health and anxiety, self care, and the anxiety service dogs that help bring you back to balance.

This collection features:

  • E-books

  • Workbooks & Worksheets

  • Courses

  • & Templates

All digital products are built with love & to help you learn core anxiety management skills that will help you create your self care roadmap.

Not sure where to start on your journey?  Learn more now.

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The WLM Calm & Confident Anxiety Library


Perfect for learning in bed, cozy under the covers, with a pup.

Filled with information & motivation to help you master self care.

All books are available on our Amazon for Kindle & Paperback Purchase.


Workbooks & Worksheets

The perfect addition to our courses or coaching sessions.

Guided learning at your own pace with resources for success.


Available for Pre-Order

featured workbook

The Buddy Basics Service Dog Socialization Workbook

This workbook features socialization tips & worksheets to help your socialize your dog.

Perfect to help train a social and friendly family pet, or create a solid foundation for a service dog.

Buddy Basics challenges you to master over 250 encounters so your dog can be confident in our busy human world.


Perfect for those who want to break learning into mini plans.

Guided learning broken into lessons & action plans that includes FREE course materials & resources.

Our Premiere Course

Self Care Boot Camp

In Production

Is your anxiety over whelming you and you don't know where to being to soothe your frayed nerves?

Then this course is for you!

Get ready to explore the fundamentals of self care as your dive into our immersive course full of resources and tips to achieve a calm and rested nervous system.

This course includes:

  • Discovering how long term stress and anxiety change your brain.
  • Exploring the psychology of why self care is important for mental health so you can schedule self care into your day, guilt free.
  • How to discover your personal triggers through journaling.
  • How to apply the 7 pillars of self care for anxiety management.
  • Discovering simple lifestyle changes and habits to promote a healthy mindset.
  • Our personalized Amazon shopping list for our favorite self care kit finds for panic attacks.

This course helps you MASTER the skills you need to create a self care plan tailored to your anxiety needs.


Pre-made Canva templates for you to customize & print as needed.

*This is a Digital Product*

featured template

Medical Alert Card Template for Illness or Disability

Digital Product- Canva Template- Medical Alert Card

2 Photo Spaces for Two Images, a handler and service dog, a care giver and patient, a parent and child

ICE Contact Information

Medication List

Allergy List

Two Name Spaces (can be removed if N/A)

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