9 Self care Stocking Stuffers For A Relaxed Christmas

We want so much to get our loved ones the perfect gifts.

Not to worry! This post is going to help you knock one of those off your list: self care stocking stuffers.

For ladies like me, ladies with anxiety, Christmas may be one of the most stressful times of the year.

Not because of the joys of family, the big banquets of food, or the magic of Christmas; no. It’s gathering ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers. Oh the joy of wracking your brain for a different idea than last year.

These self care stocking stuffers will help your loved ones feel more relaxed and ease anxiety during the year to come. And you might even find a little something for yourself as well.

9 Self Care Stocking Stuffers for a Relaxed Christmas
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Best Self Care Stocking Stuffers for Women

What self care stocking stuffers do you give to your loved ones? This list contains my favorite self care stocking stuffers for the whole family. I hope you enjoy these self care stocking stuffer ideas!

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9 Best Self Care Stocking Stuffers for Women

Anxiety Sensory Stickers

Anxiety Sensory Stickers- Affiliate Ad- Self Care Stocking Stuffers

I love these anxiety sensory stickers! This is a nice self care stocking stuffer idea for fidgeters.

I have one on the back of my Ipad and my Iphone to help me keep from picking at my fingernails.

Comes in a set (shown left) and have pretty color circle designs.

Squishable Animals Anxiety Relief Set

Squishable Animals- Self Care Stocking Stuffers- Amazon Affiliate Ad

These little guys are way too cute for words. You get all these babies!

They’re rubbery and squishy, and soft to the touch.

The perfect self care stocking stuffers for anxious animal lovers.

These are small animals less than the length of your finger each.

Reversible Mood Stuffed Octopus

Reversibe Mood Stuffed Octopus- Amazon Affiliate Ad- Self Care Stocking Stuffers

When I say TeeTurtle is one of my favorite Amazon stores, I’m not joking.

These Reversible Mood Animals are so cute! I own this octopus, and a cute little cat.

The Hulk says “you won’t like me when I’m angry”, but it’s really hard not to love these guys! They’re so cute angry!!

Great for anxiety suffers who become non verbal when stressed, you see their mood with a glimpse of this critter. A great addition to a self care kit.

Interchangeable Erasers

Interchangeable Erasers- Self Care Stocking Stuffers- Amazon Affiliate Ad

These are so much fun!

Create your own unique creatures with these interchangeable erasers. Heads, hair, horns, and wings and removable and interchangeable.

They’re a great and fun distraction from anxiety.

Not suitable for small children as they are very small- eraser tip size.

Fidget Ring

This Minimal fidget ring is great for fingers that can’t keep still

Beautiful as well as anxiety relieving.

This fidget ring comes in 3 colors: silver, rose gold, and gold.

It’s sure to be a favorite for all your anxious ladies who need to a distraction.

Eye Popper Fidget Toy

Eye Popper Fidget Toy- Amazon Affiliate Ad- Self Care Stocking Stuffers

These little guys make me giggle when I am stressed.

They remind me of puffer fish.

It’s very hard to stay anxious long with these cute little guy bugging out.

Lavender Essential Oil

Handcraft Lavender Essential Oil- Amazon Affiliate Ad- Self Care Stocking Stuffers

For your more mature ladies, essential oil is always a crowd pleaser.

This is a light and sweet smell that is not overpowering.

Pair it with an Essential Oil Diffuser for a complete gift set.

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Dr Teals Epson Salt Foaming Bath

Dr Teals Epson Salt Foaming Bath- Amazon Affiliate Ad- Self Care stocking stuffers

This is one of my self care stocking stuffer favorites.

The smell is so refreshing and soothing.

The bubbles are nice and abundant.

And the anxiety and muscle aches melt away.

-This formula has no melotonin. Want a better night’s sleep? See the Dr Teals Melotonin Bath.-

Affirmation Bracelet

Affirmation Bracelet- Amazon Affiliate Ad- Self Care Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I love this bracelet.

It reminds the wearer that they have the tools to survive, and the support system to do it.

Because sometimes we all need a reminder to “Keep Fucking Going”.

Reviewing The List of Self Care Stocking Stuffers

  • Anxiety Sensory Stickers
  • Squishable Animals Anxiety Relief Set
  • Reversible Mood Stuffed Octopus
  • Interchangeable Erasers
  • Fidget Ring
  • Eye Popper Fidget Toy
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Dr Teals Epson Salt Foaming Bath
  • Affirmation Bracelet

I love these self care stocking stuffers and use them to help manage my anxiety. I hope this list of stocking stuffers for anxiety helps you have a less stressful Christmas.

Grab your favorite self care stocking stuffer off this list and tell me what you think about it in the comments!

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9 Self Care Stocking Stuffers for
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  1. This is such a great post! Our favorite self care gift idea on this list is the Squishable Animals Anxiety Relief Set! These are perfect gifts for any self care kit!!

  2. I absolutely love this post! I’ve just recently learned of the stickers for anxiety and hope to purchase some as stocking stuffers along with the fidget rings. Thanks for sharing all these amazing ideas.

  3. This is a very nice list! I need to say that I have never heard about ”Anxiety Sensory Stickers” but I found them very cool. Would like to have one. But Lavender Essential Oil is a classic – there isn’t a better oil in this world 🙂 Thanks for sharing all those fantastic and useful ideas!

  4. These are awesome ideas! I love the the fidget rings and the affirmation bracelet. I think I am actually going to myself some Christmas presents this year! Thanks for sharing.


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