15 Anxiety Relief Products on Amazon for a Blissful Anxiety Self Care Kit

We all need a little tender loving care. We deserve, at a minimum, a fraction of the TLC we give to others. Giving our all to others, and leaving nothing for yourself leads to burnout. Taking care of yourself is not only good for you, but it improves your mental health.

And improving your mental health will start helping you improve your life. -Yeah, see where I’m going here.-

And how do you care for yourself? Why, an anxiety self care kit stocked with your favorite anxiety relief products, of course!

Whether you have a closet full of anxiety relief products, or a few go-tos, having a stocked anxiety self care kit will help you beat anxiety on your worst days.

The anxiety relief products that I’m going to discuss today are my absolute favorites! I own them all, and have given them to others as well. They’re that good! So, let’s dive right in.

15 Anxiety Relief Products On Amazon

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Why Start an Anxiety Self Care Kit?

A well stocked anxiety self care kit is there for those bad days. And those anxiety relief products are going to help you relieve stress, combat depression, and soothe your body and mind after a bad day, week, etc.

Having these self care products at your fingertips can help you feel better faster! And some of them are just pretty to look at too!

You don’t want to be in the middle of a panic attack and have to hunt your kit, right? Prepping your kit with trusted self care products will help you keep your mental health balanced.

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Anxiety Relief Products In A Basket With A Letter Reminding To Care For Self.

Anxiety Relief Products to Include in Your Anxiety Self Care Kit

Journal + Pens

Golding Extra Large Journal- Amazon Affiliate Ad
Journal Pens- Amazon Affiliate Ad

Your journal isn’t just a book to store your personal thoughts. It can contain your favorite movies, favorite foods, people and places that make you happy, and more!

Make it your personal place to store everything that makes you, well, you! Draw, write, make notes. And when you are feeling anxious, depressed, empty or lost; you can go through your journal and reconnect with yourself or just get it out on paper.

I am in love with this journal and pen combo (Sold separately)! This journal is HUGE!! With standard size paper, and a generous amount of pages that rival notebooks (400+ pages!!), this journal has enough space to store all your mind can create. –This is the perfect notebook if you want to start a novel! And the pens are gorgeous and vibrant. They glide smoothly across the paper!

I love using these anxiety relief products together. I love them so much that I got them for my gaming & hobby notes, and my business plan!

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Weighted Blanket

Sherpa Weighted Blanket- Amazon Affiliate Ad

Everyone should add a Sherpa weighted blanket to their anxiety self care kit. This is one of the best anxiety relief products I have ever used. The weighted blanket helps calm anxiety by relaxing the nervous system.

It helps me relax, and as a bonus, I get to sleep faster and toss and turn less. And it’s soooo cozy and soft! My daughter and I both have one and we love it!

Essential Oil Diffuser & Essential Oils

Essential Oil Diffuser- Amazon Affiliate Ad
15 Anxiety Relief Products on Amazon for a Blissful Anxiety Self Care Kit 24
Dream Essential Oil- Amazon Affiliate Ad

I love using my essential oil diffuser with this essential oil. These anxiety relief products help me calm my senses. The diffuser has a timer, color settings, and is easy to fill and use. And it’s large so you can put it in a bigger room. The light is gentle enough that it can be used as a night light. And if you prefer, the light can be off.

I love turning mine on 15 minutes prior to my bedtime routine so I can walk in my room and smell instant relaxation. This essential oil is a blend of chamomile, lavender, orange and more. It smells amazing and immediately relaxes and helps my body release the tension.

See the diffuser product demo here.

Reversible Stuffed Plushie

Teetrutle Reversible Octopus Plushie- Amazon Affiliate Ad

TeeTurle Reversible Plushies are the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I have two of their stuffies and they help me communicate when I don’t want to talk.

Sometimes the PTSD/ anxiety overwhelms me and talking is the last thing on my mind, but this little plushie has helped me communicate with my husband.

We created an anxiety relief plan for when the plushie is in the angry phase. And he will help me by following the plan so I can get back to the equally adorable happy phase. So even when I am not in the mood to be bothered, this little guy helps me communicate my needs.

They have a bunch of different styles of animals to choose from, too! Adopt as many as you want!

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Necklace Rechargable Headphones- Amazon Affiliate Ad

These bluetooth necklace headphones have gotten me through some tough times. And they are durable! I purchased mine in 2019 (yes, 3 years ago!) and they are still working like they’re brand new.

When I am anxious, I like to put on my headphones and play music. It helps calm my mind and helps me focus. This is especially helpful during the holiday shopping season! I can shop in peace without my hearing being overloaded with holiday specials on the loud speaker, seasonal music, and shoppers chatting.

Eye mask

Stars Slumber Time Sleep Mask- Amazon Affiliate Ad

In my honest opinion, everyone should own an eye mask. Between headaches, traveling, and night time sleeping; there are so many uses for an eye mask. And yes, you can use it for surprises and sexy time, too. –Bow chicka wow wow!-

I like the little stars on this one. It’s soft and allows for eye movement, so it is comfortable to wear.

Anxiety Sensory Stickers

Anxiety Sensory Stickers For Anxiety- Amazon Affiliate Ad

I love these so much. I have one on the back of my Ipad and let me tell you it really helps me when I am fidgeting. Instead of picking at my fingers, I can rub these anxiety sensory stickers. This sticker redirects the fidgeting into a more positive outlet.

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Books are some of my favorite anxiety relief products! Reading has brought so much joy to my life. And I have learned so much about myself and my mental health.

Kindle is amazing for taking all your books on the go with you. Never have to choose which books to take with you on a trip again! And for those of you who want to read on the go or multitask, Audible is a perfect addition!

I love Kindle Unlimited. I borrow books and give them back to the Kindle Library when I am done with them. Perfect for a book-a-holic like me who uses books to distract myself from my anxiety.

And when I want to learn more about my mental health, I have these books right at my fingertips.

Caramel Tea & Chocolate

Bigelow Salted Caramel Tea- Amazon Affiliate Ad
Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Squares- Amazon Affiliate Ad

When I am depressed or anxious, I need a little pick me up. Chocolate contains anti-oxidants and triggers the brain to have a pleasure response, and it’s yummy! I make a cup of this absolutely perfect and delicious caramel tea and grab one square of chocolate –okay, okay, maybe i grab 2-3.-

The tea and chocolate help perk up my system. While it’s not a long term solution for anxiety, it helps me soothe myself enough to work on my calming techniques for PTSD.

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Coloring Book with Color Pencils

Thomas Kinkade Disney Coloring Book- Amazon Affiliate Ad
Crayola Coloring Pencils Set- Amazon Affiliate Ad

For me, there is nothing that coloring books and color pencils can’t make better and brighter. Coloring brings me back to a simple time where my imagination ran wild and I had no cares in the world.

Most of us are not blessed with the gift of artistic ability, so we can color to relieve anxiety. We can make skies pink, and grass blue, and create our own little worlds where anxiety does not exist. These self care products are even great for kids!

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Fuzzy Socks & Pjs

Fuzzy Fox Socks- Amazon Affiliate Ad
Oh For Fox Sake Camo Loungewear- Amazon Affiliate Ad

Anxiety can make you sore! Your muscles ache, your head may throb, and nothing but rest and relaxing is the cure. Adding comfortable clothing to your self care products will help you relax.

These cute socks have little grips on the bottom so you won’t slide around in your socks –hey, I like “Risky Business” too, but I don’t want to break a hip trying to nail that Tom Cruise slide.-

And these pjs are cute, comfy, and a little sassy too! The pants come in different colors and patterns, so you can choose the perfect combo for your personality!

Calming Bath Soap

Bath And Body Works Sleep Bath Soap- Amazon Affiliate Ad

I have been addicted to this combo soap and bubble bath since it was released way back when. Self care is not just taking bubble baths, but boy, does it help!

This soap does a great double duty as a bubble bath and a body wash. And the smell is oh so relaxing! I would lie in the bath for hours with this soap if I wouldn’t look like a Shar Pei when I was done.

It helps promote relaxation to help you get a better night’s sleep. I have used it MANY nights to help me prep my body to sleep.

Dr Teals Sleep Bath Soak with Melatonin

Dr Teals Melatonin Sleep Bath Gift Set- Amazon Affiliate Ad

Let me tell you, my life has changed since discovering this bath soak! This has to be my favorite anxiety relief product of all time!

This soothing melatonin bath soak combo has melatonin to help you sleep, as well as a blend of ingredients to relieve muscle aches and soreness.

This is gentle so you can use it for fussy kids (check with your Dr. for infant use) to help them relax and sleep.

I have been using this for 2 months now and my anxiety aches are GONE. Yup. 2-3 baths soaks weekly has helped me relieve neck, shoulder, back and hip pain that my anxiety causes me.

And the scent is so pleasant, I end up staying in the bath for longer, which also helps me take self care time and relieve stress.

Bonus: You’ll get a more restful night’s sleep with the infused melatonin. And the time in the bath before bed will help your body get used to a nightly routine for sleep so you can get to sleep faster and stay asleep.

A Gift Card

Visa Gift Card- Amazon Affiliate Ad

There are going to be times where a little extra cash around would make life just a little easier.

Maybe you forgot someone’s birthday, need a day off from cooking, could use a coffee pick me up, or you ran out of your favorite essential oil; having a Visa gift card in your self care kit will help give you a little peace of mind and a break.

And if you’re like me and like to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping, collecting gift cards that don’t expire (like this one!) will help you save that money you need! And if you don’t use it, great, you have one hell of a rainy day fund!

A Storage Box

Floral Decorative Storage Box Set- Amazon Affiliate Ad

I don’t know about you, but I like my stuff to be out of eyesight and in pretty boxes. Goodbye ugly cardboard, hello gorgeous!

Keeping your self care products in these pretty decorative storage boxes will help keep your home tidy and organized.

I keep my nightly meds in a small decorative box so my bedroom looks cozy and inviting vs staring at a row of prescriptions and feeling like I am sleeping in a hospital. These cute storage boxes will help you create a relaxing environment that will help you improve your mental health.

Wrapping It Up

Creating your self care kit will require you to have some amazing self care products in your arsenal. You should include:

  • Journal and Pens to write, draw, and make notes.
  • Weighted blanket to help soothe an overwhelmed nervous system.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils to help soothe senses.
  • Reversible Stuffed Plushie to help you communicate.
  • Bluetooth Headphones to block out excessive sounds that cause anxiety.
  • Eye Mask to relieve visual stress and help with anxiety headaches.
  • Sensory Stickers to redirect fidgeting.
  • Books to help you distract and relax you, or to learn about self care and mental health.
  • Caramel tea & chocolate to help give your brain a chemical boost.
  • Fuzzy socks and PJs to help you relax.
  • Calming Bath Soap to help with insomnia.
  • Medicated Melatonin Bath Soak to ease anxiety aches and pains, and help insomnia.
  • A gift card for self care emergencies.
  • A storage box to put it all in so you can create a relaxing environment.


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The Best Anxiety Relief Products For Your Self Care Kit

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of a self-care kit! It’s so smart, because when you’re in the middle of a mental health spiral, having things to help you cope right at your fingertips is key! I also love your suggestion to get an eye mask! I have a few, and it’s one of the few things in this world that truly relaxes me. It’s so important to know what you need when you’re mental health is slipping. Thanks for this post!

  2. All great suggestions. My favorite is the essential oils. The benefits of oils can be both physiological and psychological. We have had such great success with them in many different outlets. Self care being one of them.

  3. Thank you for these ideas! I love the essential oils diffusers. I swear by mine. Just diffusing lavender through it at night helps to calm me down. Super great ideas. And your blog theme is so pretty and refreshing!


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