85 Inspirational New Years Resolution Ideas for 2024

New years is the time for starting over anew. We all want to try to be our best self.

That's why we scour new years resolution ideas. But this year, I want to help you change your life.

You are about to embark on a year of self improvement. Some goals you will succeed, and others you will fail. And that’s okay!

This list of new year's resolutions will help you include self care into your daily life. Each will help you learn and grow.

This post includes 85 new years resolution ideas to include in your self care routine in 2024.

Enjoy these micro goals and go out and conquer your year!

85 Inspirational New Years Resolution Ideas For 20241

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85 Amazing New Years Resolution Ideas Smart Goals For 2024


Financial New Years Resolutions Ideas

1- Gather Christmas and birthday gifts all year instead of doing last minute shopping.

As an anxious woman, I can’t wait until the month of an occasion to go out and shop. My brain gets overwhelmed too easy, and if you are anything like me, so does yours.

Decision paralysis is a real thing. To combat the overwhelm, start a bin system.

Anytime you shop, and you spot a gift that you purchase, place it in the bin you have designated for the recipient. It works best with a bin for each person you intend to gift to. I mark mine with a simple chalkboard label.

Tape a list or a note card on the inside of the lid to keep track of all the items you have purchased for the individual.

This works exceptionally well for budget Christmas shopping. You have a longer time frame to purchase gifts. And if you are anything like me, you will be done shopping for Christmas gifts by Cyber Monday, which is a perfect time to purchase larger gifts.

You are also able to avoid social anxiety by not shopping during peak holiday shopping times.

Having Trouble with Gift Ideas? Check out THE BEST SELF CARE GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS 2023 or our Amazon Shopping Page.

2- Work on your debt and lock your credit cards.

We all have debt, that is just a part of being an adult. But there is a difference between your auto and home loan and the dreaded “c” word: credit card debt. -Shiver, just saying that feels like I have manifested more debt.

Credit card debt is holding you back. Trust me!

Most credit cards have outrageous rates that are really hard to get out from under.

I am not going to sugar coat it. It will be very tough to lock those credit cards and not look back. It will mean paying more than your payment amount, and being diligent about not spending.

If you have the means, get a consolidation loan with your bank and pay off that debt at a lower interest rate.

Locking your credit cards and keeping them stored away for those large or emergency purchases is best.

3- Spend a little money on yourself each month.

You cannot pour from an empty cup. And that cup is you!

Even if your goal is financial freedom, you should put a little aside as fun money.

Everyone deserves to have a little fun, especially when we have so much responsibility. And being overly strict just results in over spending.

Do a little something for you! It is the little things that rejuvenate you.

4- Donate time, money, or supplies to a 501c3 this year, and feel good about helping others.

It feels so good to pass kindness onto others. Why? It helps produce dopamine and oxytocin, which are huge players in your happiness.

Love animals like me? Ask your local vet office if they accept donations for rescues in your area and help spread word about the donation table.

Want a more involved role? Consider volunteering your time and helping a dog or cat rescue with their paperwork, interviews, book keeping, etc. Or, my favorite, foster an animal and help prepare them for their forever home.

Get involved in your community. Start a community garden. Stop by a nursing home and hospitals to visit with patients who do not have visitors.

Or you can help support With Love, Me as we spread awareness about living with anxiety, chronic illness, and living with a psychiatric service dog.

5- Stop subscriptions you are not using.

Chances are you have subscriptions you are not using. They are sitting there taking up space and money.

Cutting back will lessen your digital load and put some of your money back into your wallet.

Cut back on some of your monthly services too.

Do you have a gym membership you don’t use, cable you could downgrade, a way too expensive phone plan, or pay other fees you don’t use?

Cut those babies loose and watch the dollars come back to you next month!

6- Start saving every payday.

Life likes to send us lemons. And if you don't have sugar, you cannot make lemonade.

Your savings is the sugar in this situation.

Whether its $5 or $500, put some cash aside to help you on a day in the future.

Everyone needs savings in hard times.

7-Grab a Kindle and go digital!

There hasn’t been a single day I have not loved my Kindle.

I am a book girl. I had hundreds before I went digital.

But I also had book shelves full of dust. Not to mention a heavy cleaning load. -And because I am a klutz, one of those books gave me a concussion when it slipped from my hand and fell into my face. Yup. I am not exactly graceful. –

That is when I made the switch and got myself a Kindle, and donated all my books to my local library.

The benefits of going digital has been so amazing!

I have decreased clutter and helped save a bunch of trees in the process. And e-books are much cheaper than physical books so I now have thousands of books! And with Kindle unlimited I get to borrow an unlimited number of books every month, making reading one of the best self care hobbies around!

8- Ditch habits that drain your finances.

We all have bad habits and some of them are draining your finances.

Stop unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. Not only is it expensive, but it affects your health.

Stop playing games that make you pay to continue playing. Yeah, those will put you in financial ruin quick!

Ditch the unhealthy habits for some healthy mindset habits that will help you achieve a growth mindset.

9- Split School drop off and pick up duties with a friend, or join a school carpool.

My bestie and I did this when our kids went to the same school! It was a life saver!

Not only did we save gas, but we saved each other some time as well.

I am not a morning person, but my bestie was. So she would do driving in the am, and I would drive in the afternoon.

Having a support system in place helps reduce stress, adds extra time to your day, and creates friendships with other parents of children the same age as yours.

10-If you're “actively” losing weight, do not buy clothing new.

We all know the perils of losing weight. It's a constant struggle to be in clothing that fits.

And most of us run off and buy new clothing. Here's a suggestion: don't.

Save that money for the fabulous wardrobe you can have when you reach your goals.

You will thank me for this one when you don't have piles of new clothing in sizes that you cannot wear.

If you need clothing during this time, check out some of your second hand stores to get some amazing deals on second hand used clothing. And when you are done with them, simply donate them again.

*Hint: check out the second hand stores in richer neighborhoods, that is where you can get name brand labels and nicer clothing.*

11-Grab gift cards all year.

No one hates a gift card! Grab some when you visit your favorite shops! You can use them later when money is tight, or you can give them to your loved ones as a gift.

Notepad That Reads 2024 Goals On A Pink Background With Gold Streamers- Financial New Years Resolution Ideas For 2024

Self Care New Years Resolution Ideas

12-Read a book a month.

Everyone should strive for growth and knowledge. And reading is the best way to do that.

I love Audible for everyday errands, travel, and doing chores in my home. And at night I use Kindle Unlimited to soothe my mind to prep for sleep.

Reading is the perfect stress relief hobby to help relax your brain, inspire creativity & generate new ideas.

13-Create a positive social media experience.

Not all social media pages and groups are good for you.

Take a look at your feed and see how your feed is making you feel. If you don't feel inspired, uplifted, and happy looking through your social media that means it is time to do a social media cleanse.

Un-follow accounts that don't help you. And follow accounts that bring positivity into your life.

14- Schedule a chat with a friend.

Humans are social creatures despite the propaganda society tells you.

People NEED other people. We are pack animals!

Set up some friends dates and enjoy their company.

My favorite time of the week is my chats with my friends. Venting and talking improves mental health by allowing us to openly problem solve, laugh, and get things out in the open.

By talking things through with another person- whether that is a friend, family, or a therapist- you are lightening your mental load.

15- Make time to take a break!

Busier is NOT better. You are risking your mental and physical health by doing too much.

We need rest, activity & fun to thrive. Take time to schedule something fun each month, even better if you schedule a day each week!

Scheduling your fun will help you look forward to something, so don't forget to put it on your calendar.

16- Stop pretending to be something you are not.

You do not have to be happy all the time.

You do not have to be a social butterfly.

You get to be a cranky bitch when you are hurting.

You don't have to smile all the time.

JUST BE YOU. Being authentic will bring so much more happiness into your life.

17- Stop micro managing.

We all need help. We're pack animals. We all need to learn to delegate.

But a common issue is micro management. Aim to stop micro managing this year.

Once you delegate it, let it go! You've passed responsibility onto another person and they get to do the job their way now.

No one likes to be micro-managed. It breaks the trust in all your relationships: work, friends, family, all of them.

Without trust, there is no relationship.

18- Pay for some services.

Earlier we talked about downgrading. Now we are going to chat about when to pay for help.

Some of us have more money than time. And then there are times where we are physically unable to do a job.

Like me, just recently I broke my leg and had abdominal surgery. I was pretty helpless. I paid for grocery delivery, cleaning, dog walking, etc.

No one has super powers, so stop trying to be a superhero.

Realizing your limits will set you free. And as a bonus, it's good for your kids to see you take care of yourself. They will follow your example.

19- Weed out people in your life that cause you negativity.

You are not obligated to stay connected with toxic family.

You do not have to continue to associate with others who harm your mental health.

You do not have to fund others to be friends.

You do not have to associate with your abuser and people who support them to keep the peace.

Weeding out toxic people will help you heal.

20- Feel Your Emotions & Process Them.

Stop suppressing your emotions.

Emotions are your body's check engine lights. They exist as meters and ways to help your body run.

It is normal to feel grief, pain, sadness, anger, etc.

Society doesn't want you to show your emotions so they don't have to deal with them.

Let me tell you, processing your emotions instead of suppressing them will help you feel so much better.

21- Take part in a 30 day challenge.

Thirty day challenges were made to help you cultivated new habits.

They help you gain a growth mentality by trying new strategies.

Of all the new years resolution ideas, thirty day challenges are my favorite for cultivating growth.

NEED INSPIRATION? Check out the With Love, Me Pinterest Board: 30 Day Challenge Ideas

22- Instead of focusing on what's coming up, be happy in the moment.

We are a society addicted to tech.

As a blogger, I have a computer, camera, and phone around me while working.

So when I take a break, I make sure to put my electronics down and get involved with what I am doing.

Put down your phone and engage with the people you are with!

Start cultivating your relationships. People remember how you make them feel.

23- Take a relaxing bath before bed to promote sleep.

A nightly bath will do you a world of good!

Take it at night to relieve body tension and relax your muscles.

Turn off the lights and ease your senses with a lavender lemon candle for aromatherapy.

Choose a soothing lavender foaming bath and epsom salt to relax your muscles.

Wash you hair with lavender shampoo and conditioner.

Set up your Ipad on a ipad stand and stream your favorite show while you enjoy your me time. We all deserve a little me time before bed.

Then slip into soft Egyptian cotton sheets that will help you drift off to sleep.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to start this night time routine!

24-Take positive steps to improve your mental health.

This is the year to make your mental health a priority.

Start reading self care books to learn how to improve yourself.

Make those mental health appointments and start learning how to care for you mind.

25-Get a flattering haircut to improve self esteem.

Ever since the pandemic, more of us are embracing low maintenance looks. I know I have.

But low maintenance does not mean you cannot look amazing.

To look you best for longer, embrace your natural hair color tones and get a style made for your hair texture.

We are all unique. We all have different hair types.

Get a consult with a hairstylist to talk about your hair's texture and needs. You hair undergoes changes as your body chemistry changes. Every hair type is different and to be your best self, you need to embrace it!

To get the most out of your hair ask the following:

  • What is my hair type and what are the typical problems of this hair type?
  • Can you tell my natural hair color? How hard would it be to go natural vs maintaining color?
  • What hair style would look best with my hair texture and face shape? Are there styles I should avoid?
  • What hair care products should I use for my hair texture?
  • Can you help me learn how to care for my hair so I can reach my hair care goals?

Having an amazing haircut isn't always having the newest style or color, its about having the hair that is best for you!

Author Krystian Howe Displaying A Simple Should Haircut In A Simple And Easy To Maintain Color: Chocolate Brown- 85 New Years Resolution Ideas
I'm a bright winter with fine hair. To help me look my best, we settled on a high contrast deep brown to really make my skin and eyes pop! And to combat flyaways, we kept my layers under my chin.

26- Ditch the phone, iPad, and computer once a week.

If you have been following us on our socials (instagram & facebook), you know that we don't always post daily. And there is a reason for that.

Everyone should have an opportunity to have a mini self care vacation.

Taking a break from your phone helps your nervous system have an opportunity to relax and unwind.

For your best sleep, Dr's recommend not viewing electronics an hour before bedtime. Let's expand on that, shall we.

One day a week, stop watching your screens. Take the opportunity to get involved in your hobbies (that are not scrolling and electronic related), take the day to practice self care, spend one on one time with family & friends, or do a house reset to catch up on things you didn't get a chance to do during the week.

Make it a day for productivity, self care, and reflection. You might even feel more connected to yourself and others at the end of the day.

27- Stop using outdated or unhealthy society standards to judge your self worth.

Honey, you are worth more than someone else's opinion. No one knows you better than yourself.

Stop living your life by someone else's standards. Life is not one size fits all.

What works for me isn't going to work for you. We might be all riding in the same storm, but we all have our own boat.

The only person you should compare yourself to is YOU.

Ask yourself: Am I better than I was yesterday? Am I moving toward reaching my goals? If the answer is no, reassess and make a plan to move forward.

28- Embrace the weird and quirky things about yourself.

I am going to tell you one simple truth that I learned while healing from abuse and PTSD.

People who want you to fit inside a box want to manage you, and people who want you to break out of that box are your tribe!

Read that again.

Honey, no one is normal. We all have something cute and quirky. We're not cookie cutters. We have all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. Let yours shine!

Forcing yourself to fit into situations will only make you miserable. I call this the chameleon reflex. You just want to disappear. Being a chameleon is not good for you. It strips you of your own loves, your own voice, and your own thoughts. You will become anything the crowd wants of you. Doesn't sound pleasant, does it? It's not, it happened to me.

And being a chameleon is full of lies and falseness and it is exhausting!

Being authentic is a new type of freedom. It allows you to set boundaries, have your own thoughts and opinions, and start living your life for you!

You'll find you will either grow your relationships, or you will outgrow them. And that's okay. Real relationships are way better!

When your life is for you, you will start loving it!

29- Stop focusing on being past you. Embrace a new you.

Let's talk about living in the past. You're robbing yourself of a future.

Maybe your past was horrible. That's okay, mine wasn't that great either. Past you is just what your environment created.

It doesn't mean you have to stay stuck in old survival patterns. Yes, it's hard to move on when you have spent so much time surviving.

Let's work on living for now. Because now is where you are planted. Take a look at your life. Is this the soil that is going to turn you into a weed or a rose?

Because future you is the result of the work you do today.

30- For every negative thought, create 3 positive ones to take its place.

We all have negative thoughts. Yeah, even those super perky people.

The difference is some of us give into negative thinking and some of us fight against those thoughts.

For every negative thought, create 3 positive ones to take it's place. We are teaching our brain to see the bright side one thought at a time!

31- Speak nice about yourself: in your conversations and in your head.

We are our worst critic. We always think we can do better or should have tried harder.

But did you think that maybe that was all you had to give at the time. When you at at 10%, you are unable to give 100%. You only have 10% to give. Stop trying to pour from an empty cup and give yourself a break.

I'm going to share with you something my therapist taught me. Negative thoughts are the voices of people who have said negative things to you. They are not your thoughts!

They are the product of all the negativity you have encountered in your life. So rule of thumb, be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like a really good nurse would treat you, with kindness and dignity.

32- Make a quick self care plan for stress & overwhelm.

Your anxiety & depression needs a master plan. Winging it when your nervous system is under attack is a sure way to have a panic attack.

We're not all the same. I know meditation doesn't do it for me. But burning off my anxiety does!

Maybe you need to learn about calming techniques for panic attacks, you need a break from the noise and busy, you need to regroup and make a plan, you need to use your self care kit, or you need another appointment with your mental health team?

Making a plan is especially helpful if you need support from others.

My suggestion is to download our quick sheet that will help you create a mini self care plan in 10 minutes or less. It will help you start making a self care plan fast!

33- Spend time with a friendly animal.

Friendly animals are proven to lower blood pressure, reduce a fast heart rate, and help with loneliness. So why not enjoy these benefits.

Go visit a shelter and see if you can help socialize some of the animals.

Phone a friend with a pet and have a play date. Or offer to pet sit while a friend or co-worker is away. (Personally, I love pet sitting!)

And if you want these benefits long term, consider fostering for a local rescue. Many rescues will also cover the costs of the animal. All you have to supply is the love!

34- Journal each week to improve your mental health.

Journaling is one of the best self care hobbies you can do to relieve stress.

All you need is a journal and a good pen. Or if you're like me and want some variety, grab this pen set and create a bullet journal!

For the best results, jot down your thoughts anytime your mind wanders to the negative or it is filled with too many thoughts.

Essentially you are performing a brain dump each time you journal so you can get your thoughts and feelings out of your head.

Doing so during the day will help you be more productive.

And doing so at night will help you get to sleep faster making this the perfect hobby for those of us with PTSD and nighttime anxiety.

35- Plan one large goal for your new year resolution goals.

Most of us plan a bunch of new years resolutions ideas at the same time. Take my advice and don't.

Instead make one large goal and a bunch of smaller smart goals that will help you reach your big goal.

You want to plan smart goals instead of throwing darts at new years resolution ideas that look interesting.

I'm going to let you in on a secret: My new years resolution big goal is to re-socialize my service dog Koda after a year of severe illness. You can join us and socialize your dog with my Buddy Basics Service Dog Socialization Workbook. Check out our progress on social media.

36- Spend some time outside.

Being outdoors is so good for you.

You get fresh air, sunlight, and the plants are even trying to help you!

In 2024, spend more time outdoors and get out and walk in nature.

37- Get a hobby that will help you improve your mental health.

Every one needs a stress relieving hobby. In fact, you should have several.

Rotate your hobbies so you don't get bored and your have options for different moods, weather, and seasons!

38- Have one go to outfit that makes you feel fabulous.

Everyone should have one go to outfit. Mine happens to be super casual, but you can dress up as much as you want.

Wear your outfit on bad mental health days, days you're feeling frustrated, when you're feeling sad, when you're overly anxious, or when you just feel you have nothing to wear.

When you have an anxiety disability, you clothing is your armor. You should be wearing clothing that makes you feel good about yourself. Wearing clothing that makes you feel frumpy will only make your anxiety and depression worse.

Block 2-0-2 With The 3 Turning Into A 4- New Years Resolutions Ideas For 2024

Health New Years Resolution Ideas

39- Get a blood panel done to check for illness.

Your health matters. And too many of us are putting it aside.

As a chronic illness patient, staying on top of my health is the difference between a good year and a bad one.

If you want good health, you should be proactive in preventing illness.

For most people (not my chronic illness peeps) a simple yearly blood panel or CBC can help you get a look at how your body is running.

Start scheduling at least ONE yearly checkup with your doctor to talk about your yearly health goals so they can help you prevent illness.

Prevention will save your more time and money. No one likes an unexpected ER visit that could have been prevented by seeing a Dr. earlier.

40- Sit less and move more.

Now a days, most of us do desk jobs. And when we are at home, we are sitting on our couches scrolling.

We're not moving enough. For every hour you sit, you should spend 10 minutes walking.

Walking has many benefits like improving circulation and reducing pain, not to mention managing our metabolism to help us lose weight.

If you sit 10 hours a day, that is 100 minutes of activity! If you're forgetful, grab an Apple Watch and set up the health app to remind you to move!

Want even more activity? Grab a standing desk and a desk treadmill and walk during the day.

Need to sit for your health? Grab a desk elliptical and pedal all day. I have been doing this as my physical therapy to help heal my broken leg and I have loved it so much! I'm up to 11 miles a day! That's 400 calories burned while sitting!!

41- Stop obsessing over your weight, and focus on your health numbers.

Your weight isn't the only number that matters. You need to keep an eye on your BMI instead. That's your weight to height ratio.

Experts say that people that step on the scale daily, lose more weight and have better overall BMI's. And those that track it have better health & success than those that do not.

You should also be tracking your heart rate and blood pressure. Especially as you get older.

Tracking my heart rate this year helped me avoid unwanted fainting episodes from a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure. You can easily track you heart rate with an apple watch. And you can track your blood pressure with this wireless bp cuff & app. Bonus: it will sync with Apple Health.

42- Get 8-10 hours of restful sleep a night.

With the hustle and bustle of modern society, we are getting poor sleep.

Men need 8-9 hours of sleep a night, and women need 9-10 hours.

Sleep should be your number 1 priority to improve your overall mental and physical health.

Make an effort to improve your sleep hygiene by:

43- Learn about your medical conditions or mental health conditions so you can advocate for yourself.

When dealing with doctors being educated about your conditions goes a long way.

Doctors work best when there is a back and forth conversation. And you can't participate if you are not educated.

Need help finding books about mental health? See our Self Help Book list! Need books about chronic illness? Check out the books on Kindle Unlimited. I have borrowed a ton of books about my chronic illnesses this year!

The best way to start you chronic illness education is to read and start a chronic illness journal. That goes for anxiety as well. Long term anxiety is a chronic illness. And you should be tracking it!

Here's why:

  • Your brain only wants to hold onto the good things that has happened to you. Your bad memory recall is spotty. By creating a chronic illness journal, you will get better care because all your questions, symptoms, medications, and appointment information will be at your fingertips.
  • Doctors are scientists and data is how they communicate. If they cannot see the issue, they will do the minimum it takes to resolve the issue. This is why most patients gets dismissed. They cannot show a pattern. Don't get ignored. Give them rock hard data and get better treatment!
  • If the worst happens, and you are unable to speak or are unconscious, your chronic illness journal has everything your doctor needs to treat you without aggravating your other chronic conditions. –Mine was a life saver this year when I was fainting and would wake up in the emergency room. They had all my current health information and my doctor's information. I got better care because I gave my doctor's more information to work with.-

You can start a chronic illness journal with a good notebook! I recommend this Erin Condren Notebook as it's super durable and takes a beating! And the super thick paper helps prevent bleed through. It's got a variety of sizes and paper styles to meet your needs.

44- Start your day off with better nutrition.

You should be customizing your nutrition to your needs.

I have ADHD so starting my day off with my meds and a cup of coffee helps perk up my brain and help it focus for the day ahead.

But did you know, that normal brains (those without ADHD and similiar issues) caffeine can actually cause you to have worsening anxiety? Yup. That morning jolt of caffeine could be the reason your jittery by lunch.

If you're one of the people who caffeine makes jittery, switch to orange juice or another citrus based juice to get the same benefits caffeine provides without the jitters. Vitamin C is known to perk the body up.

Nutrition is not one size fits all.

I have spent the last year working with a nutritionist to help my body with my chronic illnesses.

What I learned is if you start the day eating healthier, you are more likely to keep it up throughout the day.

If your morning is rushed, opt for meals that you can prep prior to consumption. Be sure to add protein into your morning meal. It will keep you feeling full and help keep you alert for all your early morning activities.

45- Break down health goals to small achievable steps.

Huge goals are daunting. Think about it. How often have you made a goal to lose a whole bunch of weight and gave up?

Why? Your goal was too big, and too far away to feel successful. And if you don't feel successful, you want to quit.

That's how we are built.

Your goals should be broken down into mini goals. You should have a bunch of small detailed steps to reach your main goal.

Small goals are easier to achieve faster! You need those small wins to keep you motivated to keep going.

46- Replace a bad habit with a good one.

We all have bad habits we need to kick to the curb.

My bad habit is not moving enough, even with a healing broken leg.

Good habits help us be our best. Bad habits keep up stuck in old patterns that don't help us grow.

47- Create a list of homemade meals that you love as a go to for “I don't care” meal decisions.

As a woman with ADHD and PTSD, I have decision paralysis frequently, especially when it comes to meals.

What I have done is keep a recipe book.

Make your recipe book by craving! You can create sections for sweet, salty, spicy, comfort food, etc.

Want to get really creative? Make a spinner wheel to spin with your favorite home cooked meals. Spin and get your ingredients delivered with Amazon Fresh.

Keeping a list of go to meals will help you combat decision paralysis and eat healthier.

48- Limit fast food.

Fast food is a big part of a busy lifestyle. We all eat it, and it's making us tired and sluggish. There is a reason it is called junk food. It makes us feel junky when consumed all the time.

Try to eat at home when you can. You not only save money, but your body gets more nutrients and you will feel less fatigue and bloat.

Instead of grabbing fast food, grab a ready to go meal at the grocery store. Many stores now offer this option! Mine has a to go buffet for the busy D.C. lifestyle.

If you don't have any option but fast food, try to include healthier options:

  • Include good choices in every meal.
  • Trade fries for fruit, salad, or a baked potato.
  • Trade a soda for a water based drink like tea or lemonade. Choose water to be even healthier.
  • Opt for grilled over fried.
  • Don't size up, you really don't need a supersize. (If you get a healthy drink, upsize that!)
  • Look up and plan your order BEFORE you get to the window.

49-Drink more water than caffeine.

Caffeine isn't just to perk you up when you're tired. It does other things.

It acts as a natural laxative, but with that comes dehydration risks.

Caffeine typically makes you pass more water from your system than you consume.

For every cup of caffeine, you should drink twice as much water.

You are a plant with emotions. You need water.

You skin will glow, and you will have less headaches and fatigue.

Water is in your blood, your tears, your sweat, and helps your body thrive.

Drink more water and see the benefits.

50- Ban pre-made snacks from the house.

Convenience foods are not your friend.

If you're like me, you tend to munch your emotions. Yeah, I have quite a few pounds of cookies packed on me.

Instead, keep ingredients for snacks. I have started pre-making cookie dough so I can just pop them into the oven when I want a cookie.

Keeping ingredients versus pre-made snacks will keep you from boredom and emotion munching. You might even be forced to eat that bowl of salad you have been avoiding.

You'll learn to eat when you are hungry, not anxious. You can thank me later.

51-Learn to make your favorites in the Instapot.

Chronic illness has made me guard my energy with a vengeance.

I need cooking options that don't keep me on my feet very long.

My favorite cooking tool in my kitchen is the Instapot. It is the perfect tool for a variety of cooking needs.

I have made some amazing meals with the Instapot. From corn on the cob, boiled eggs, baked potatoes, cookies, seafood, soups, and homemade dog food; this little device has really helped me conserve my energy while cooking. And I don't worry about burning my food if I fall asleep from overwhelming fatigue. The Instapot cuts off, my oven does not!

This would be a great way to teach younger children about cooking without using the oven and stove top.

52- Saving Time by getting grocery delivery with Amazon Fresh.

As I have been healing from surgeries since September, grocery delivery and grocery pickup has been a god send!

Grocery delivery isn't just for the chronically ill. It's for the super busy as well.

Just think about it. You put in your grocery order during your lunch hour, and on your commute home you stop by the store and pick it up or get it delivered to your door to save you a stop.

I love using grocery delivery to stock my pantry and save me valuable energy and pain from walking too much.

And Koda loves it too. We use grocery delivery as task training exercises: door alert, door waiting, grocery carry, find person, etc.

Use grocery delivery and grocery pickup to help you streamline your life and save you energy. As a bonus: you won't impulse shop as much since you can't see or smell the food!

53- Set a Wake and Bedtime and don't break it for better sleep all year!

Your body thrives on routine. That's why when you get a bad night's sleep, miss a meal, or travel too much; you feel off.

Having a dedicated wake and sleep time will help teach your body when to naturally wake and sleep.

As a night person, I don't buy into the everyone must be an early riser to be productive culture.

I do some of my best work in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe you're like that too!

Find you ideal bedtime by listening to you body. When I am well, I am a night owl, but as I have been recovering from surgery, I am a early evening sleeper now. Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs.

You should wake 8-10 hours after you fall asleep. Men need 8-9 hours of sleep and women need 9-10 to feel rested. Yes. Women need more sleep than men. So if you love your lady, let her sleep!

Naps should be limited to about 30-90 mins. Set an alarm if you need. If you are sick or recovering from injury or surgery, sleep as much as your body tells you. You can get back on track when you are 100% again.

Gold 2024 Balloons On Back Background Surrounded By Tiny Gold Stars- 85 New Years Resolution Ideas For 2024

New Years Resolution Ideas for Relationships

54- Learn communication skills.

No one has perfect communication skills!

In fact, you learned how to communicate from the people you have interacted with.

According to PsychCentral, a few common signs of poor communication are:

  • shutting down
  • letting emotions bottle up until they explode
  • yelling and screaming
  • being dismissive of other point's of view (or as I like to call it “Being Right Syndrome”
  • Not being clear about expectations, needs or wants

Are you guilty of these? How about wanting your partner to read your mind?

As a former abused person, my communication skills were terrible. I was taught not to have thoughts and opinions, and if I did fight to win. In reality, those were hurting me. Not discussing things lead to hurt and blame and my boundaries were terrible. I never said no to anything, even the things I despised. Fighting to win only left us with two losers, a lot of hurt, and broken trust and loyalty.

Therapist are a great resource for learning to communicate. They are a neutral party with a skill set to help you improve your communication skills without judgement and conflict.

I spent a year working on overcoming my anxiety to express my needs. I learned that I can ask for what I need and reach a mutual concession with my husband so we both feel good. I learned to stop blaming others for my feelings. I started admitting I had communication issues and asked others to help me talk effectively with them. I got some amazing feedback that helped me become the coach I am today!

The goal of communication should be mutual resolution. It's an exchange of thoughts, ideas, dreams, and emotions. If you don't come away from a conversation feeling good about how you exchanged words, you need to work on your communication skills.

55- Have a fun at home date night once a week.

When you're dating as a single person, you never stay home. And that's what most of us associate with dating. And when we transition to being a family with pets and kids and responsibilities, we find ourselves without much time for dating.

My hubby and I figured out a way to “Home Date' to keep our connection.

Once a week, we both go to bed at the same time and do an activity together. We bring snacks, and stories of our week, and we just snuggle and talk. Because ladies and gentlemen that's what we all crave about dating. The intimacy of it.

Check out our Pinterest Board: Improving Your Relationships

56-Take responsibility for your actions and apologize when a mistake is made.

We are not perfect beings. If you are, tell me your secrets! We are going to make mistakes from time to time. And no one but ourselves is responsible for our actions.

When you make a mistake, own up to it. Do not blame the other person.

Your actions are yours, and theirs are theirs. You cannot change another person, but you can work on yourself.

A genuine apology is restorative.

As a parent to only one child, I found myself in a territory of learning. And that happens with many new situations. We are always learning. Sincere apologies are what fixes mistakes.

Yes, I apologize to my daughter and she apologizes to me. I have successfully taught my daughter that no one is perfect and everyone is accountable for their own actions by teaching her how about apologies.

An apology will help rebuild broken trust, restore good feelings where hurt ones lived, and help others reconnect to you after a mistake is made. It is an essential communication skill that is needed to improve you relationships.

57- Learn to talk about what you need from others without beating around the bush.

We're all guilty of this from time to time. We have the illusion that to have a perfect life, your loved ones need to be mind readers.

Sorry honey, no one is!

You're not going to get what you need sitting back and wishing for it. Only clear communication can help you.

You need to quit obsessing about why they're not getting it, and remember no one can read minds.

You need to be blunt and tell them in a non aggressive manner that is easy to understand.

Yeah, more communication skills. Told you they were essential!

If you have needs that are not being met, have a chat and figure out a way that you both can agree on.

Relationships are a team effort. Start working together to make a relationship that will last.

58-Learn problem solving without losing your patience or temper.

You've heard the expression “My way or the highway”. Well, honey, it has NO place in a relationship. NONE.

The fastest way to destroy a relationship is to be an unmovable wall.

Relationships are built on love, trust, communication, and a lot of teamwork!

Yelling, stonewalling, the silent treatment, and abuse have no place in a loving relationship.

I have a saying “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Solve problems together. Learn to bounce ideas off one another. Think things through out loud with one another. This goes for all your relationships: friends, family, partner, and kids! Especially kids. Kids learn by doing, so help them learn how to solve problems with others.

You can either be right and alone, or be a team player and thrive in your relationships.

Need help learning to solve conflicts? Talk to your therapist or mental health provider to get started.

59- Meet people with similar interests.

Everyone need friends as an adult. And it is not as easy as elementary (grade) school.

You are a different person than you were in school. You need friends that love you for who you are now. Not what they remember you to be.

How do you do that?

If you have children, get involved with their school. The PTA can be a great place to make friends with other parents.

Not interested in PTA? Invite all your kids friends and their parents over for one super play date and get to know everyone! You'll make friends with the parents and you'll have a support system for you and your child.

My best friend adopted me when our kids were in kindergarten together. She showed me what friendship really is and I will forever be grateful for her.-

Like my story, you never know when those parents will become your besties. Soon you'll be doing carpool together, having birthdays together, and trick or treating together.

To make friends away from work or school, you need to look at your hobbies and interests!

Join some LOCAL Facebook or meetup groups that focus on your interests. I found a group of wonderful men in South Carolina by going to game shops to play Dungeons and Dragons. To this day, these men are my support system, and I love them like they are brothers. We're family because we share a lot of common qualities.

Create your own groups! When Koda was a baby I knew he was going to be a service dog. But he still needed socialization and he needed to learn manners from other dogs.

I created a dog play group for well mannered dogs in my neighborhood. And I met Sprout and her owner. Sprout is an emotional support dog, and last year she got a brother named Greyson who is now a hearing service dog. I have friendships with common goals that understand my issues because I put myself out there.

Talk with people in line while waiting, talk with people at church, have your friends introduce you to people they think you will like. You have to get out there if you want to make friends.

Making friends is easier with a cute dog! Everyone wants to be friends with Koda! If you are shy, take your pup to dog friendly places and the dog people will navigate to you.

White Pittbull Terrier Mix Named Sprout, And Black &Amp; White Husky Mix Named Koda Posing For The Camera- 85 New Years Resolution Ideas
From the Left: Spout the ESA (white Pittbull terrier mix) and Koda the Multipurpose service dog (husky mix) are best friends!

60- Learn Your Partner's Love Language(s)

Everyone feels loved differently.

Early on I did not understand that. I watched my partner deflate and inflate and I couldn't understand why he loved me more sometimes and what felt like less in others.

Hint: He didn't love me less. His emotional cup was empty.

My therapist suggested that I read “The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. And with reading it came the realization that I was trying to show my husband love how I wanted to be loved.

When I changed my approach and started practicing his love language (acts of service) he reacted in the most unexpected way for me. His emotional cup overflowed and he showed me love. Suddenly, he was making more time for me, he was getting me my favorite snacks, his hugs were warmer and were filled with love, he poured himself back into me.

By meeting his needs, he felt loved and seen and wanted me to feel the same. The connection returned. –And hasn't left since!

Bouqet Of Daisies- Learn Your Partner'S Love Language- 85 New Years Resolution Ideas
When my husband was promoted at work, he came home with flowers to thank me for 19 years of support to reach his dream.

61- Take your kids on a date just for them.

Dating your kids is truly magical.

I love watching the reels of daddies dating their young daughters. It melts my heart.

A child learns their value by the way they are treated by others.

It is important to pour love and understanding into your children so they grow up knowing their worth.

Dating your kids teaches them date manners, what to look for in future relationships, boundaries, and allows them to practice their own communication skills.

When they are older, you can start teaching them about money management, how to pay, tipping (if your country does that) and how to plan an appropriate date.

Your raising future adults, and that doesn't happen overnight.

Your kids will cherish these dates. And you will get a chance to bond and reconnect with each child individually and get to know them without their siblings.

Each parent should date the kids to show different perspectives and responsibilities. Frequency is up to you and your schedule. Don't rush the date, allow it to flow naturally as you would do with your partner.

One of the best dates I have ever been on was with my Daddy. He took me out to lunch and let me pick a movie. He showed me what a date should feel like and how a gentleman should act. And I never forgot it. It changed my entire dating perspective.

Dating your kids is a chance to reconnect with your own inner child. So go to an arcade, play mini golf, race go carts. Go have fun! It's a great form of self care!

62- Stop judging your relationships by society standards.

Society has a lot of expectations that aren't in your best interest.

Society doesn't care if your happy. They care if your acceptable.

So what if your neighbors have barbecues every week, go on fancy dates to expensive french restaurants, and vacations in Italy 3 times a year. That works for them.

Do what works for you!

For some, that's eating together at a table and chatting over the night's meal. My husband and I play video games together to bond. I haven't had a date out of my house in years, but I have never been so connected with my partner.

Your relationship is determined by how you feel about one another, not what you do. So do you!

63- Write a love letter, poem, etc to your partner.

Your partner should know exactly how much you love them at least one time in their life.

And a love letter is the perfect way to do this.

I write love letters all the time, but my love language is communication & words of affirmation.

The perfect love letter is one you write from the heart.

I challenge you to write a love letter to your partner. You don't have to give it to them, but I hope you do.

Writing a love letter will let your partner know just what they mean to you without a doubt. And it is a wonderful feeling knowing just how much you are loved.

I implore you to write love letters to anyone you know is depressed. People feel suicidal because they feel they are alone and unloved. People don't know how much they mean to you unless you tell them. Giving this person a love letter could change their entire perspective and help them on the road to recovery. Why a letter? It so they can return to your comforting words anytime you are not around. –

64- Talk about your childhood with your partner and ask about theirs.

Intimacy is built outside of the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

This is an exercise in communication, trust, and friendship.

Getting to know your partner is a key building block in your relationship.

Sharing builds intimacy. When you feel heard, you feel loved.

And when you feel loved, your relationship thrives.

65- Don't complain about your partner for 30 days.

Complaining and degrading our partner, the person that we picked to be with us, destroys trusts.

For 30 days, you are only allowed to praise your partner. Why? Because you are trying to rebuild that broken trust and affection.

You don't get to complain that they're not loading the dishes right, or you hate those socks, or the house is a mess.

You can, however, ask for help to complete a task that is bothering you. Example: The mess in the house in stressing me out. I would really appreciate the help cleaning it up so we both have spare time. See the difference?

Your partner should be your favorite person. And practicing seeing them in that way will help your mind learn and grow and make new neuro pathways to positive thinking. Yes. You can change your thoughts!

Those little exercises will help you rekindle intimacy and appreciation for the good things in your partner rather than focusing on all the flaws. Your might even see some sparks in the bedroom! -Bow chicka wow wow! Wink!-

66- Stop waiting for fairy tales and create the life you want.

I blame Disney for this one. Snow White is kissed by a strange man to awake her from a deep slumber and she willing goes off to live with him? That's not love, that's stolkholm syndrome. That poor girl was trauma bonded to the first man that showed her any kindness.

Real life is nothing like a fairy tale. If you are trying to mimic your romance after fairy tales, tv and movies; you're going to be disappointed.

How do you create the magic in your romance?

You are the magic. It's you and your loved one working to make your relationship last.

Yes there will be times you don't see eye to eye, but there will be a lot of love in between.

And if you are lucky like me, you'll get caught in the rain and you can share a once in a lifetime kiss.

Make your goal to have a happy and connected relationship with you partner. Make it your story!

Practical New Years Resolution Ideas Relationship Goals For 2024

Environmental Self Care New Years Resolution Ideas

67- Create a home you love.

Your home should be a reflection of your life, your loves, your passions. But it should also be your safe haven.

It should cultivate love, fun, and peace. It should be the place you want to go when you are stressed, not the place you want to get away from.

You don't have to buy anything to make your home a haven.

Sometimes all you need to do is clean and de-clutter again to bring the peace back to your home.

Other times, it is about refreshing your space and moving object to new locations around the house to create a fresh look.

And then if you desire, you can go big with a color change and new items to bring new feelings into the home.

Check out our Calming Colors Board on Pinterest.

68-Create a mini workspace for productivity.

In my honest opinion, there is nothing worse than not having a place where you can be productive.

It's for this purpose, I gave my husband a bedroom to turn into his mini office so he can work from home.

And I took over a living room corner to put a pretty little convertible desk on wheels and my comfy over sized living room chair.

Maybe you don't have a room where you can close the door and keep people away, but I'm sure you can find a wall or corner to make a mini office. Make this area the place where you work.

I store all my office items in my desk and when I am done working for the day, I swivel the desk back to the wall to create a side table.

Most of my house guests have been stunned that I work in my living room. They didn't even notice my small office space. It converts so well into a side table!

My family has even learned that when I sit in this spot, they are to wait for me to pause and give them attention before interrupting me. Yes, a dedicated work area and some boundaries can be just as effective as a door.

69-Toss items that no longer suit your life.

Do you really need that 4th crock pot? Unless you are not a caterer, probably not.

Your home shouldn't be a pile of stuff, but a place of experiences and laughter.

I'm not telling your to ditch everything and go minimal. Heck, we all have stuff. And stuff is part of life.

What I am saying is limit your things to what you really need and love.

Did you know I only own one dress? And that dress is an all purpose dress that I can wear to an event or a funeral. Why don't I have more? I don't need more. I am a pants and t shirt girl and that will never change.

You are wasting time managing items you don't need. I hate dusting so I took my very favorite knick nacks and put them in a display cabinet. The rest? I gave to people who will love them better than I was. I don't even remember what they were.

As a family of 3 it would be very impractical for my family to have an 8 person dining table. We never have that many people in the house. And when we do, everyone wants to eat out. A table that big is a waste for our family.

I want you to go through your house with a pen and paper. What doesn't make sense for you and your family? Maybe you have a guest room bed that hasn't seen a guest in years. Ditch that unused furniture and make a room that suits your needs and interests. You may be able to put some dollars in your pocket by selling items.

Your things should reflect how you want to live. They shouldn't determine it for you.

Here are a few de-cluttering tips for you:

  • If you forgot it existed, you can probably get rid of it. Use your judgement.
  • If you can't find it, you have too much stuff or you don't have a good organization system.
  • If it is broken and you do not have the skills to repair it, take it to the shop for repairs or get rid of it. Use your judgement for family heirlooms and sentimental items.
  • Get a large box or laundry basket and when you have filled it, go donate the items that are in good condition and trash the ones that are not. Doing small de-cluttering projects are easier on you than doing big projects and your motivation sticks around.
  • Make de-cluttering part of your routine. I like to do 2 purges a year: one early summer and one in December to help reduce clutter for Christmas gifts.

Clutter causes anxiety in the brain and body. Our brains don't like unpredictability, and that is exactly what clutter is!

70- Get rid of clothing that does not serve its purpose/function or does not fit.

Okay, I'm just as guilty as you are on this one. And I am going to guess most women are.

We have our “fat clothes”, our comfy clothes, our dressy clothes, our cleaning clothes and more. And of course we have those clothes that we hold onto just in case we get down to that size again. Yes I am guilty too!

And guys, I'm not forgetting you with your suits, ties, tons of different shoes that you never wear (my husband and combat boots), and the clothes you have had for literally your entire adult life.

We all can narrow things down to our favorites, have a few extra pieces that we can dress up and dress down.

We have too much clothing and not enough space or time to properly care for most of these items. Half of them get lost and forgotten in the back of the closet.

And if you're like me you're wearing the same 4-5 outfits on repeat all the time.

Time to go through your closet and weed out the clothing that you hate, never wear, doesn't fit, and you just don't want anymore.

For gently used clothing, you can donate to local charities.

Are you crafty? Turn those clothes into blankets, quilts, dog pulls, and other cute crafts and sell those babies! Repurposing is in baby!

71- Ditch the plastic and get glass instead.

I have a hate/love relationship with plastic.

Plastic is super convenient and durable. But the cons are so ewww. Plastics smell, not all of the are recyclable, and if you have plastic Tupperware you can forget putting red sauces in there. And they're not exactly pretty.

The new trend I have been seeing on Pinterest is to ditch you plastic in favor of glass containers. We have all seen reels of ladies putting their pantry staples in pretty glass jars that are easy to clean and beautiful to look at!

The best part is glass doesn't seep into your food. And if you have older plastic, that puts you at risk.

While most plastic containers you buy at the grocery store are only a one time use, the wide mouth jars that some brands come in are widely reusable, in and out of the kitchen. And forget those stupid plastic lids that warp. Glass jars do not have them!

Consider using plastic containers sparingly and purchase re-usable glass jars when you can. You'll like having uniform storage containers and well as lightening your environmental load.

72- Do a weekly reset and start your week off right.

Families are messy. There is no getting around that.

A weekly reset is putting everything back where it belongs and getting it ready for the upcoming week.

For my living room, I do this nightly as this is where I spend the most time. And besides, I don't want to trip and break my other leg on a dog toy or bone.

And my bedroom gets a quick bed fluff and a dog bowl restock daily, with a weekly quick clean to dust and vacuum.

Let's talk about the kitchen. It's called the heart of the home. And it is the busiest for most families. Your kitchen counters and stove top need a daily wipe down to kill germs daily. But the weekly reset is a deep clean.

To perform a kitchen reset, you need to:

  • Toss all leftovers that are no longer edible.
  • Wash, dry and put away all dishes, pots and silverware. I hate running out of spoons on a Monday morning.
  • Do a wipe down on your fridge shelves. Those things get gross quick!
  • Scrub or steam clean your stove top and counter tops.
  • Take out all the trash and recycling.
  • Deep clean the appliances you used during the week.
  • Sweep or vacuum and mop the floor. Floors get gross so fast.
  • Put away any items that sat on the counter tops all week.
  • If you want, you can add a food restock and have a complete kitchen routine once a week.

73- Create cleaning box kits for quick cleaning.

Want a quick cleaning routine, listen up!

There is nothing I hate more than digging through a pile trying to find one product I need. And I was doing this the most with my cleaning supplies.

Grab yourself some mini storage boxes, and some labels. Sort your cleaners into rooms or categories. Mine are all purpose, pet stains, floors, bath, kitchen and misc.

You can store each box where you use it or in one universal space. My cleaning closet is my entry closet. I keep my vacuum and carpet cleaner in there are well.

74- Include your furry friend in your home.

As a former dog trainer, I have been to many homes to see why their dogs are having problems. And there is a startling problem in a lot of homes.

A dog is a pack animal and wants to be included in the family unit. And shockingly in some of these homes you wouldn't know a dog lived there, even though he was staring me in the face.

Not one toy, bed, bowl in sight. It's like the dog was left by aliens unaware to human occupants.

When resources are scarce, dogs are prone to resource guarding. Even well behaved ones. Humans are the same. Think about how you feel when you are told to fast for medical procedures and you get your first meal after 24hrs. I want to put a fork into anyone that looks at my food. Your dog feels the same way.

But this isn't just a dog training lesson. This is accepting your furbaby into your life whole heartedly. Your dog needs a space that is his own just like you do.

Incorporate dog friendly blankets for your couch. Bonus: They're spill resistant! I keep mine on my ottoman so Koda can look out the window.

Dog crates no longer have to be ugly! They make the most beautiful wooden dog crates that can double as end tables or night stands.

Put some cozy fluffy calming dog beds in the crate for your dog ton enjoy.

And grab your buddy some beautiful ceramic feeding bowls to fit your decor! Avoid plastic bowls for your dog. I don't know many dogs that like them and the plastic coating can wear down and your dog can accidentally ingest it, leaving you with a sick pup and a hefty vet bill.

And of course get your dog some toys that are appropriate for his size and breed. Different dogs like different activities.

See our doggie favorites on our shopping list: Life With A Service Dog

75- Clean those carpets and rugs!

Carpets and rugs get dirty so fast. And most of us don't clean it enough.

Ideally should should do a quick vacuum daily: I use my IRobot Roomba J7 since it will do a quick pass and empty itself while avoiding ALL obstacles on the floor, including unexpected dog poop.

On the weekend, I do a deep clean with my Shark Vacuum. Or when a guest calls for a surprise visit.

And every quarter – or when I get a bad mess- I use my Bissell Carpet Cleaner with an enzyme cleaner solution and a spot cleaner for pre-treating.

Cleaning your carpets regularly will help with allergies, chronic illness, carpet longevity, and if you are a renter you are more likely to get your deposit back. Not to mention improve the smell in your home.

76- Create a home binder for important documents and stick it in a safe spot.

All your important documents should be kept in a safe, cool, and dry place. And most importantly kept together.

Chances are you have no idea where these documents are. And much less likely that they are all together. If they are, kudos! Skip ahead, you don't need my help with this one.

Creating a home binder can help you organize your documents and your home. Keep all your current appliance handbooks in it, all your warranty cards, your government issue documents like marriage license, passport, and social security card.

Store your binder in a waterproof and fireproof box or safe.

You'll know exactly where you documents are when you need them, and if an emergency happens you won't have to add requesting new documents to your to do list.

77- Create a simple scrapbook with clear sheets to store drawings, cards, pictures, and other emotional items you want to save.

This is another clutter buster but in a fun way.

Instead of storing your paper mementos in a box, put them in a scrapbook and display them on your coffee table or shelf.

Voila! No more loose papers and bulky boxes.

78- Bring nature inside with potted plants.

Indoor plants bring a myriad of benefits including ease in depression symptoms, cleaner air quality, and the soil smell helps you produce serotonin in the brain.

You also get a sense of accomplishment and joy from keeping your nature buddy alive. Don't have a green thumb? Grab a few simple Golden Pothos. They are pretty easy plants to care for and you can even propagate them easily. They're very pretty in hanging baskets or as potted desk plants.

Brown Tabby Striped Kitten Eating 2024 Cookies- New Years Resolutions Ideas For 2024
85 Inspirational New Years Resolution Ideas for 2024 14

Additional New Year Resolution Ideas

79- Spend more time outdoors.

Being outside is a perfect way to unwind.

From gardening, sports, and hiking, there is so much to do out in the fresh air and warm sun.

If you like exploring, check out Alltrails to see adventures and trails in your local area.. To get the most out your adventure, try Alltrails+. It gives you downloadable maps for areas with no service, wrong turn alerts, real time map overlays, and a lifeline to allow 5 people to track your real time location in case an emergency happens!

You might even fall in love with being outdoors, and you can bring your canine buddy along. He would love the sniffs!

80-Clean up the Photos on your phone.

We take a lot of photos with our cell phones, and those photos cause clutter and take up space on the phone.

Clean up your phone and improve performance by moving your photos to an external hard drive or cloud service.

If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you have access to Amazon Photos for free! That is unlimited photo storage and 5gb video storage.

My phone runs much better when I clean up the photos. And stored, I can make some fun photo books, art prints, and screensavers!

81- Support Small Businesses.

Shopping with small businesses is important. Why? Small businesses appreciate you more than you know!

You're funding a little girl's dream of being a ballerina.

You're helping a working mom get Christmas presents for her two children.

You're helping an old shop keeper get medications for the month.

You're helping a small blogger properly train her service dog to mitigate her new disabilities.

You are making dreams come true for small businesses. We love our customers and wish nothing but the best for them!

82- Do More Of What You Love

When you follow your passions, that is when you feel truly alive.

Whether that's finding a job you are passionate about, or spending more time with your family. Get in touch with what you love and do more of it.

Start living a life you love!

83- Make One Goal for the Future.

We are dreamers, creatives, and superstars. The mind really has no limit. We all need something to aspire to.

When you plan for the future, you plan to be present for the future. You are planning to move forward in life.

And just moving on and going forward is enough. Make a goal and start moving toward it.

Mine is owning my own home one day.

84- Reduce environmental overwhelm and over stimulation.

When you live with anxiety disorder, it's easy to get overwhelmed in social and public settings. That's why you need a self care plan.

You need a few ways to combat this. My favorite is these noise blocking headphones from Bose. They help quiet the world around you and give you beautiful crisp clear sound in your ear.

Maybe you have to hear the world around you, you can use this sterling silver fidget ring and spin your anxiety away.

And when I am out in public and need to ease my anxiety, I grab a drink with a straw. My body is strange and cannot process anxiety and intake at the same time. Maybe it will work for you as well!

85- Give yourself permission to do your new years resolutions halfway.

The folly with new years resolutions ideas is that we tend to go overboard.

But I want you to remember this….

“Anything worth doing is worth doing half way.”- Unknown

We are all in at the beginning and as our motivation wears off so does our interest in our goals.

The purpose of good new years resolutions ideas is to make you better. If your new years resolution idea is making you miserable, get support and refocus with a smaller and easier plan, or quit to avoid overwhelm.

It is okay to quit if it no longer serves your goals or is making you miserable. You want to inspire yourself, not discourage yourself.

You can do a goal halfway and still be a success! Celebrate the small wins and be inspired for next year.

Block 2-0-2 With The 3 Turning Into A 4- New Years Resolutions Ideas For 2024
85 Inspirational New Years Resolution Ideas for 2024 15

Summing Up New Years Resolution Ideas for the Year

These New Years Resolution ideas will help you start your self care journey to relieve your anxiety.

Have a happy and healthy New Year from With Love, Me!

Tell me about your favorite new years resolution ideas for the year. I want to hear from you in the comments!!!

New Years Resolution Ideas
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Krystian Howe
Krystian Howehttps://withloveandfluffs.com
Hi! I'm Krystian. The Creator of With Love, Me. I created this blog for others like myself: people living with anxiety disorder on a daily basis. I have been living with anxiety since my teens. This blog is to give you a how to guide for living with anxiety, because I sure didn't have one. I want to save you the pain and misery I had of figuring it out all on my own. Join me and my service dog Koda on the journey to help you manage your anxiety. See you on the blog and our socials!
Krystian Howe
Hi! I'm Krystian. The Creator of With Love, Me. I created this blog for others like myself: people living with anxiety disorder on a daily basis. I have been living with anxiety since my teens. This blog is to give you a how to guide for living with anxiety, because I sure didn't have one. I want to save you the pain and misery I had of figuring it out all on my own. Join me and my service dog Koda on the journey to help you manage your anxiety. See you on the blog and our socials!

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  1. Thank you Krystian. This post has a great variety of achievable goals I can choose from. I feel more successful when I can choose and follow thru with small goals first.

  2. Love your idea of doing something fun each month as a self-care goal! I’m going to try to take a day (or a half day) once a month as a “me” day. I will go wherever and do whatever I want, alone! It will be such a good way to reconnect with myself that’s doable! Also love what you said about how society pushes for us to knock our resolutions out of the park. This puts so much pressure on ourselves! We don’t need to subscribe to that way of thinking. Great post 🙂

  3. Great resolutions! It is important not to be too hard on ourselves while maintain a new year goal, which is key to be aware that it is okay to fail and start again.

  4. Gosh such a detailed post. I have full respect for anyone who can stick to their New Years resolutions. I’ve never been very successful unfortunately. Note to self must try harder this year.

  5. These are all fantastic resolutions. I especially like the idea of deleting the apps I don’t use. Because I have some apps on my phone that still charge me even though I don’t use them any more.

  6. These are all such fantastic resolutions! I love them all! The most fascinating one for me was the caffeine and orange juice one. Had no idea orange juice gave you energy without the crash- definitely trying this!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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